Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March Favorites

Hi everyone! It's time for March favorites! I didn't have a whole lot of favorites this month because I tried out a lot of new makeup. But here are a few things I have used a lot this month!

1. Lime Crime ChinaDoll Palette - This has been such a multi-purpose palette. I have used the colors a lot since I bought the palette and I just have been enjoying using it. So glad I bought it!
2. Maybelline Illegal Length mascara - I purchased this a while ago and I have been using it every single day. I have been really liking it actually, especially for my lower lashes. So far so good :) Can't say it is HG material, but it is better than some of the mascaras I was using prior to buying this one.
3. Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream - I was unsure if I liked this or the Skin79 Oriental BB Cream better. But after using both during this month, I think I finally decided that I like the Lioele one better. It has better coverage and it doesn't feel as dewy as the Skin79 one. I still like both, but I prefer to wear this one.
4. Sinful Colors Cinderella nail polish - A big thanks to Melissa from My Own Kind of Girly for picking this up for me. I was looking for Zeus, and she was so kind to offer to look for Zeus and Cinderella for me. Ever since I received it, I have been wearing Cinderella non-stop on both my fingernails and toenails. It is such a lovely color! Thanks again Melissa!

5. Neutrogena  Daily Scrub - I just started to use this at the beginning of the month when I had a pretty bad breakout, and this has been such a life saver! I have been using this everyday and it has done wonders for my skin. I haven't broken much at all since I started to use it. If I breakout it is really minor. It claims to help with acne (check!) but it also claims to help with acne scarring, with is my main skin concern at the moment. Fingers crossed!
6. Artistry Illuminating Essence - As I said above in #5, my main skin concern right now is acne scarring. This serum does not claim to help with acne scarring per se, but it is supposed to even out the skin tone and such. I started using this at the same time as #5 and I think it has been working a little. It mostly moisturizes and illuminates my skin, but hopefully little by little, it will help to reduce my terrible scarring. 

7. Victorian Disco Cosmetics eyeshadows - This should not come as a surprise. I have been using VDC eyeshadows a lot ever since I made my first purchase. I simply love everything about them!

Unrelated to makeup....

8. A Song of Ice and Fire - I am almost done reading the series, and I have highly enjoyed it, much more than The Hunger Games I have to say. So excited for Season 2 of the TV series on HBO!

9. Metallica - I am not sure why, but I have been terribly obsessed with Metallica this month. I have loved Metallica for a long time, but it is the only thing I have really listened to this entire month. My favorite songs right now are "Enter Sandman" and "Unforgiven III". ♥

10. Star Wars Shirts - I have totally been obsessed with buying Star Wars shirts this month. If I see one that I don't have I must have it! I bought 4 this month alone! >_<"
What is your top favorite thing of March?


  1. i love neutrogena products

  2. Lovely favourites, you must really love the lioele bb cream, it's almost finished. o: The sinful colours polish is gorgeous!

  3. I'd love to hear more about products helping with acne scarring! Thats the only thing stopping my skin from being lovely :'( Bad times!

    A song of ice and fire > all!


  4. Great favorites, Nancy! I love reading monthly favorites - its so cool to see what everyone's using!! :)

  5. i wanted to try neutrogena acne scrub.. but i cant find it here..

    i love your march favorites

  6. <3 Metallica forever, even after that whole Napster thing... I need to find that Sinful Colors polish (did you know they're vegan?) and I can't wait until my budget allows me to get the China Doll Palette. Did you notice there's going to be a palette from Lime Crime called "Palette d'Antoinette"? I hope it's vegan, too :)

  7. Where can I buy this Lioele BB cream?

  8. I think I need that neutrogena daily scrub. I have been breaking out and it sucks! I'm just not sure if it works for me since neutrogena products make me break out even worse might just look into something else.

  9. You can buy it at =-)


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