Wednesday, April 18, 2012

News: Victorian Disco Cosmetics Azeroth Collection April 30th

 Dear World of Warcraft lovers,

You should all know by know that Victorian Disco Cosmetics has become one of my favorite indie makeup brands. And I love to keep up with their upcoming collections.
This Friday is the release of their new collection, the Azeroth Collection. It is a World of Warcraft inspired collection xD Talk about nerdy!

You will have the choice of choosing either Alliance or Horde labels for the eyeshadows (or a mix of both if you want)

You can check out Ashley's swatches HERE.

The collection will be available on April 30th on the VDC website.


  1. The swatches are sooo beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the comments! :D
    Loooved you horde-creation. I would wear it out, even though Im a ally-girl ;> The warlock and ally-make up was gorgeous too <3
    Good luck! :D

  3. Oh baby, I'll definitely be doing another order now that I've seen those swatches.


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