Monday, April 2, 2012

Victorian Disco Review: Galaxy Down the Stree Collection

You might remember me doing a review and swatches of this collection not long ago, but many colors of this collection were reformulated, changed completely, and there was some new added colors. These are updated swatches and many more colors ♥ If you want to check out the older post, you can see it HERE.

I am just going to say it now. This collection is probably my favorite collection EVER! Not only is it Star Wars related, but the colors are amazing. Ashley, the owner of VDC, has also been really dedicated to perfecting and expanding this collection. I can't fully express in words just how much I love it ♥

 Price and Availability
Full size jar is $4.50 on the VDC store
VDC will be having a 40% sale starting April 4th! So check it out~

Swatches + Colors
These are swatched on bare skin with a slightly damp brush.

Emperor (new color) - Blackened base with lots of purple-pink shimmers! I love this shade. It is similar to my all-time favorite eyeshadow from MAC (Young Punk). I swear Ashley read my mind with this color! It is so gorgeous! The glitter can be a bit sparse,so it is better to apply a good primer or a sticky base to really capture the shimmer.
The Fett (new color) - Spring green with loads of pink shimmer~ This is a perfect representation of Boba Fett~ The color is sooo unique and beautiful. It kind of reminds me of a duo-chrome nail polish I have by MAC called Mean & Green. The formula is fantastic, pigmented, and the shimmers really pop against the green! This is probably my favorite color from this collection!
Do the Jabba, Jabba (new color) - a red-dominated copper with orange shimmer. This is the reddest and brightest copper/orange I have! It is really stunning and in your face~ The formula was fantastic on this one as well.
Lightsaber (this was previously called 'Emperor' ; the previous 'Lightsaber' is now called 'Outer Rim') - This is a very vibrant version of a royal blue. It seems like it is matte, but it actually has a very nice and subtle blue sheen. I love this color because it matches the Galactic Empire tattoo I have on my wrist. Actually, I want to get it touched up soon, and I want it to be this exact color! This was a slightly more difficult shadow to work with; it wants to be a matte so it can apply a tiny bit patchy if you are not careful.

 Next set of colors...

Skywalker - sparkly white with a pink/violet shift. This is the sheerest of the collection and a very crystal-like shade. Great as a highlight or as a subtle but sparkly lid color.
Millennium Falcon (reformulated) - a metallic slate silver with sparkles. This was fantastic before, but now it is much more silver than before. I love it! Really reminds me of the Millennium Falcon!
Lightspeed (new color) - black base with SPARKLES! Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. The picture above does not justice to this color. It looks like...well when the Millennium Falcon jumps into lightspeed and all you can see is a blur of stars. Gorgeous color. It works best with a sticky base though, since it is so sparkly.

And the last three colors...

Youngling - a silver-toned lilac with shimmer. This is a lighter, more subtle color. It is purple, but surprisingly not my favorite thing in this collection. But it is a great color to use in combination with the others.
Ewok Pajama Party (reformulated)- dark plum base with many sparkles (mostly purple). Ewoks ♥ I love this color. Now that is has been reformulated, it is much smoother and has greater pigmentation than it did before. I still can't get over the name!
Wookie Noises (new color) - a deep, golden brown. This is very pigmented and rich. If NARS Galapagos and Mekong had a baby, it would be this color. Chewbacca approved!

Other colors not shown:
-Yoda's Yoga Mat (reformulated)
-The Force, Use It (reformulated, but you can see a swatch HERE)
-Leia's Bikini (reformulated)
-Forest Moon
-Outer Rim (used to be Lightsaber, see a swatch HERE)
-Clones (this color was previously The Fett, see swatch HERE)

The new color additions and reformulations made this collection so much better! I am so impressed with the new colors (particularly The Fett!). Ashley really out did herself. For the most part, everything is very pigmented and awesome. Beware of the slight matte-like quality of Lightsaber and don't use Pixie Epoxy with it because they did not work well together xD Skywalker is sheer, but is works well as a highlight shade. Lightspeed is gorgeous, but beware of sparkle fall out. I prefer to use my Pixie Epoxy with this one because the sticky base will help to hold all the sparkles in place.
This is the epitome of awesome and the ideal for my blog. It is Star Wars related, indie makeup, vegan, bright, sparkly, and inexpensive! What more can I want? 

Rating: 10/10

The Fett is my favorite color from this collection, which is yours?

*Some of the colors shown were samples sent for swatching and review purposes. All thoughts are my own.


  1. such gorgeous shades love allbut the fett and light speed are awesome

  2. Skywalker and Lightsaber would be my picks! Love the 2 colours. :D

  3. amazing swatches

  4. I can't wait to get the new stuff!! Gorgeous swatches! :D I love all the changes she made to the collection!

  5. I'll have to give them another go now that some of the eyeshadows have been reformulated. My version of The Fett is purple!

  6. I love how Millennium Falcon, Lightsaber, Lightspeed, Ewok Pajama Party and Wookie Noises look!<3

  7. This Star Wars collection is amazing, how do I get it???? Where can I get it?!!

    1. These are from Victorian Disco Cosmetics, but they are unfortunately closed at the moment.

  8. How can I get ahold of these please someone tell me!


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