Saturday, April 28, 2012

Victorian Disco Review: Crystalline Affections 'Zidane x Garnet'

Crystalline Affections Collection 
 A collection inspired by Final Fantasy. Specifically, these are duos that represent some of the characters as a romantic couple. Super cute and unique!

Price and Availability 
You can find these at Victorian Disco Cosmetics.
Full Size Duo - $8
Mini Size Duo - $4    
Sample -$2

The duo includes two colors in small jars. The full size jars have the stickers of the collection on the top. The design is really cute!

Both Zidane and Garnet are from Final Fantasy IX


Princess Garnet


Zidane - beige-toned, muted metallic gold with small bright gold flecks.
Garnet -coppery red with golden flecks and red glitter.


Yet another lovely duo by Victorian Disco Cosmetics!! Garnet is definitely my favorite of the two. It is a gorgeous red with some copper undertones and a bit of red glitter. Zidane is pretty as well, but I feel that garnet is much more unique. The two look really great together though. Zidane is more muted because it has beige undertones and it is not as bright as Garnet, but is has a very nice addition of golden flecks that make the color more glamorous. Garnet really stands out, and I love how it looks on the eyes.
As far as pigmentation and texture, both shades are very buildable. Zidane is lighter, but it has great pigmentation and it applied smoothly. Garnet is not super pigmented on its own, but it is pigmented enough for it to show up nicely without any primer/base. I do recommend using a primer/base with Garnet to achieve high pigmentation as well as to keep from getting glitter fallout. Since it has fine glitter, it is best to have a base that the glitter could adhere to.
The duo is affordable, the two colors looks great together or alone. The only negatives would be that Garnet can have some glitter fallout and it would be nice if it was a tiny bit more pigmented.

Rating: 9.5/10


Check this look out HERE


  1. This brand is so cute! I didn't know there were video game inspired makeup collections. FF9 wasn't one of my favorites, but the colors really do represent the characters very well ^^

    1. I agree! IX isn't my favorite or anything, but it is still so cute to me!

  2. Stunning! Love how pigmented the shades are!

  3. Gorgeous! I have this duo and I want to run home from work and pop this look on :) Sorry I've not been able to compliment all these pretty looks of late (ASoFaI and LoZ, love them both!) I'm catching up on your posts after some time away from my 'puter

    1. Thank you sweetie! No worries! I am so touched by the mere fact that you look at my blog, and I do not expect more than that. :)
      Thank you~ Definitely try the look! I would love to see it on you!

  4. I'm surprised you didn't make Zidane's blue.


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