Series Challenge

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Current Series Challenge: To Be Announced 

What is the "Series Challenge?"
The Series Challenge is a way for me to mix my love for making geeky inspired looks and my desire to interact more with my readers and fellow bloggers. Basically, it involves making a weekly inspired makeup look based on a monthly theme. Everyone is welcome to participate and make their own look for that week's inspiration. It is a great way to challenge myself in creating at least one series inspired look every week. I have created various series looks before (like Game of Thrones, Legend of Zelda, Diablo, and more), however I always procrastinated and it took me forever to finish a series. This Series Challenge will keep me on track while also changing my inspirations every month.

What are the benefits of joining this challenge?
You might wonder what you can take away from having to create a makeup look from a fictional character. I personally think there is so much to be gained!

The obvious benefits are free products. At the end of each month, everyone who participated in the challenge is entered into a giveaway. This means that if you participated every week that month, you have a high chance of winning some free stuff. How awesome is that? The other obvious benefit is that if you have a blog/website and you participate in this challenge, you will probably increase your website's traffic. I will be sharing your looks and your blog/website on here, so my readers will likely visit your website if you participate often.  You might even gain some new followers!

What more could you possibly gain? Well for one, experience. If you look back on my old makeup looks, you can probably see how much my makeup skills have improved. That did not happen overnight. It took a lot of time and practice. You definitely have to put yourself out there and learn  not just from others, but also from yourself. Creating makeup looks based on images is really hard, therefore it will help your skills and your imagination improve.  It will be really cool to see these makeup looks in a few months and see how much your skills have improved! Lastly, you will gain fun xD It is really amazing to create bright and fun looks based off geeky stuff! You will certainly have fun reminiscing about video games and/or anime shows! I know I do!

I look forward to working with all of you! Let's have plenty of fun!

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