Thursday, September 19, 2013

FOTD: Rose Parade (Ft. Wet n Wild)

Greetings from the Dark Side!

Today's look was created using another one of the new limited edition eyeshadows palettes from the Wet n Wild Fergie line. This palette is called 'Rose Parade' and it has 5 pink/purple toned eye colors. I used all five eyeshadows in this look and I hope you like it!  

                                                                    Products Used                                                                      
-Wet n Wild 'Take on the Day' Primer
-Wet n Wild Fergie 'Rose Parade' Palette
-Prestige Total Intensity black eyeliner
-Wet n Wild MegaPlump mascara
-Wet n Wild MegaLiner black eyeliner
-Pond's Luminous BB+ Cream
-Wet n Wild Fergie 'V.I.Pink' Lipstick 
                                                                    Steps to Create this Look                                                    

 1. Apply the purple with gold shimmer on the center of the lid.
2. With a fluffy brush, apply the shimmery pink on the crease.
3. With a flat brush, apply the matte purple on the inner and outer corners of the lid.
4. With a clean brush, blend the purples and the pink every so slightly.
5. With a large fluffy brush, apply the matte light pink on the brow bone.
6. Apply a mixture of the black and matte purple on the lower lash line.
7. Apply liner and mascara.

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I hope you enjoyed this post~


  1. beautiful look :) Love the purple-pink variations...

    1. Yes Very Pretty. Do you have YouTube videos to show how you do your eyes?

  2. beautiful colours!

  3. Beautiful colors!!! <3

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  4. I love the colors! I should look for that palette, altough that "Muse" palette is screaming "buy me!" too :(

    1. xD I know that feeling, when you just want ALL the eyeshadows!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous colours! Pink colours can be hard to pull off but this is subtle enough for just about anybody to wear!

    Nicola Kate Makeup


    1. Thank you! I agree, I think these pinks are quite wearable :D

  6. Pretty eyes! And I adore the lipstick!

  7. omg this is so pretty! those are some of my favorite colors, i think i need this!

  8. woww beautiful! I love the colors <3
    I'll try i soon.

    nice post :)


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