Monday, September 2, 2013

Review: Revlon Lash Potion Mascara

Greetings from the Dark Side!

A while ago, I posted a First Impression for this mascara. But since I am done with this mascara as of today, I want to post an official review!~

                                                                    Product Information                                                              

 Lash Potion mascara
 Blackest Black
The formula is a little chunky (ew I hate that word!), not as smooth as it could be.
 The mascara is very black.
 The bristles on the brush make it easy to put mascara on, but I feel like it doesn't apply the product evenly on the lashes.
Wear (comfort):
It is not a heavy mascara, so it feels very comfortable on my lashes.
Wear (time):
 I personally haven't has too many problems with the wear of the mascara. It will last all day but there has been a few times that I have had the mascara smudge.
Dupes? Similar products?:
This mascara kind of reminds me of the Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express mascara.

I really love the packaging of the mascara, but I don't think this mascara is all that great on its own. First of all, the brush doesn't work all that well with my lashes. The alternating bristle lengths are great to give length to my lashes, however it can clump up mascara on my lashes. The brush is also quite big so it makes it difficult to apply mascara on the lower lash line. The formula pretty much only gives my lashes a natural length, which isn't bad but sometimes I want very voluminous and dramatic lashes. This just doesn't give me that "oomph" that I'm looking for. The one thing that I have noticed though is that my lashes do actually look a little longer and denser since I started using this mascara. That is why I think this is a perfect layering mascara. I have been using this as a base mascara and use a different mascara to get that really dramatic lash look.
                                                                        Product in Action!                                                           
Before and after using the Lash Potion mascara:
Using this as a layering mascara with the L'oreal Voluminous Excess mascara:
 Basically, I think this mascara is okay. It's not terrible, but it's not a mascara I would go back to unless I wanted to layer my mascaras. The only other reason why I would go back to this mascara is if I wanted to give my lashes a natural boost (with the "lash potion" properties).

Rating: 7/10


  1. The packaging looks nice, but I guess nobody really likes clumpy mascara, haha! I love your eye makeup here, how do you even do that pretty little swirl?! :O

    1. I just used a white pencil and went over the white with a blue eyeshadow :)

  2. Great review! I think I won´t be purchasing or ordering this mascara, because I prefer mascaras that add lot of length and volume.

    1. Thank you. Yeah totally, stay away from this mascara!

  3. awww too bad, it doesn't seem like it can really volumize lashes, nice review ^_^

  4. I REALLY like the eye makeup in that last photo. The black looks so cool.

    1. Thank you~ I have a post for it:

  5. i'm using this currently and i am not a fan. i was tooootallly sucked in by the packaging! haha i just want to keep using it because i feel guilty throwing it out so fast and i don't want to waste money. i might try a primer with it. i don't feel/see any potion like qualities to it =/ i think the brush would be more successful if it were smaller, really!

    1. I was totally sucked in by the packaging too!


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