Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Haul!: Walgreens, Rite Aid, and ULTA

Greetings dark siders!

I recently started to clean out my makeup collection, but I guess I decided to invest in some new products so I went hauling xD I swear when ever I say "I don't really haul anymore", BAM! I go and buy a bunch of stuff! Oh well, more stuff for you guys to see on my blog ^_^


1. Pond's  Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes
So I went to Walgreens because I needed to get some makeup removing wipes. I have been using the Simple Facial Wipes for a while now, and I noticed my skin breaking out a bit when I stopped using them. I usually get my makeup removing wipes from Rite Aid, but I was closer to Walgreens so I went there. Unfortunately the wipes were more than $6, and I always pay less than $4 per pack from Rite Aid. Instead I picked up the Pond's makeup removing wipes because they were BOGO FREE. I ended up getting 2 packs of 30 wipes for $5.99! Score! 

2. Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ in 'Light'
After I picked out the Pond's makeup removing wipes, I saw this BB cream standing temptingly on the shelf. I've heard so many good things about this BB cream so I just went for it and threw it into my shopping basket without another thought. It retails for $12.99, but for some reason it rang up $5.99 on my receipt. I'm not sure if it was on sale or if the cashier messed up. Either ways, I'm soooo glad I made this impulse buy because it ended up being quite cheap~ Yeeeeessss!

3. Wet n Wild Fergie Palettes, Take on the Day Shimmer Primer, On Edge Eyeliner
I haven't heard anyone talk about these palettes so I was surprised to see a display with new Fergie stuff. I LOVE Wet n Wild, and I must own ALL the things! The best part? The Fergie display was 25% off! I was just getting super lucky during this shopping trip~

4. Wet n Wild Fall Trio Collection
I finally saw the display of the new trios from Wet n Wild. Like I said, get ALL the Wet n Wild stuffz!

5. More Wet n Wild stuffz!
I was sent one of the Wet n Wild MegaLiners some weeks ago, and it was AWESOME. So I picked up the blue shade to try it out. I also picked up two of the Fergie lipsticks, but those are for a future giveaway.

                                                                                Rite Aid                                                                    

6. Simple Makeup Removing Wipes
I can't remember why I went to Rite Aid, but I did ;P I saw that the Simple wipes, like the Pond's ones, were on a BOGO FREE sale. I know that I will be buying these in the future anyways, so I just stocked up and bought two packs. I might even go back and get more. 


7. Lashes and Lash Glue
Lashes! Woot! You can never have enough prettyful lashes. I went to ULTA to look around and I saw Halloween lashes. The Ardell #117 lashes are really cute. The other pair is from the brand Fright Night, and I got them mainly because they glow in the dark! How cool is that? The last pair is from Eyelure and they are the #202 lashes. They look insanely full and awesome. Lastly, I wanted to pick up another Revlon lash glue. My local Rite Aid is always out of stock of this lash glue, and it is THE BEST LASH GLUE EVAR! I am currently using some crappy non-Revlon lash glue :(  
(And ironically, I literally just noticed I picked up the Lash Glue REMOVER...not the glue itself, FML)

                                                                            Nail Polish                                                                    

8. Revlon Chalkboard Nail Polish and Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Scrangie 2.0'
I was out shopping with my mom the other day (she just got back from Mexico so we were catching up) and she saw the Revlon Chalkboard nail polishes. She is a Pre-school teacher and her student use chalk all the time so she liked the idea of having a chalkboard mani to show them. She always steals my nails polishes so she "bought it for me". Riiiight mom...
I also just got the Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish in 'Scrangie 2.0'. I wanted this polish when the Bloggers 2.0 collection was released but it sold out during the pre-sale! I am so glad it was re-released and that I was able to get it~ I am addicted to RBL.

Long haul! Expect some reviews and looks (which I can hopefully get caught up in!)


  1. oh my gosh you should not have said ulta has halloween stuff! hahaa i need to go look asap!

    emily from beauty broadcast did an awesome review of the fergie palette on the far left! it looks gorgeous.. the one on the far right looks like it'll be beautiful as well!

    1. Haha I was really excited to see that they did indeed have Halloween stuff!

      It's funny that you mention Emily Noel, I just saw her haul video and she had these palettes!

  2. Epic haul! Can't wait to see you try them out.

  3. wow, the W&W collection looks amazing!

  4. Those Simple wipes are great! Love the green one.

    Spoiled Army Brat looks really intriguing. Nice colour combo!

  5. Oh wow what an haul! LOVE the look of all those Wet n Wild trio's <3 ahhh amazing :D xx

  6. Da hast du ganz tolle Produkte ausgesucht :-)


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