Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: Tokidoki Eye Brushes

Hello Everyone, today I am going to be reviewing some amazing, and of course uber cute, brushes!
I am a huge fan of many Japanese products, and Tokidoki is of course a line that is inspired by Japan. "Tokidoki" (時々) means "sometimes" in Japanese, its weird  for a brand name but its fun to say! Ever since my first Tokidoki purchase, which was actually two of their colored mascaras, I have been so in love with this brand. When I purchased the mascaras from their cosmetic line at Sephora, I honestly thought they were going to be cheap mascaras. I bought them because I thought they were really cute, but had low expectations of the product. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product, though.They are really pigmented and high quality mascaras. So although the packaging is cute and a little reminiscent of young girl's makeup, the product itself is department store quality.

When Tokidoki released an eye brush set, I was floored. The brushes were so freaking, unbelievably cute. At the time, I already owned some MAC eye brushes, but I gave in and purchased the Tokidoki set while visiting the Sephora at Market Street in San Francisco. At $35 for the three most basic eye brushes, its actually a really good deal. The look of the brushes is just an added bonus ^_^
The set includes:
~Mozzarella eyeshadow brush  (medium sized shader brush), Blue
~Adios Amigos crease brush (blending brush), Green
~Donutella Angled eyeliner brush, Pink

They come in a plastic three sided, pyramid shaped box, which you could use to store the brushes in, if you wanted to.
I just kept the box because its really adorable, and you could put other things inside.
After using these brushes for about half a year, I must say I really like them. They are good quality, super soft, and, I must emphasize this, extremely adorable!

Here are my thoughts on these:

~Fairly affordable (Its roughly $11.66 for each brush compared to MAC's $30 for one brush)
~Really soft bristles
~Each brush has a distinct design and character and different color dye on the tips of the brushes
~Easy to clean
~White bristles ( I prefer white over black since you can see how much product you are using)

~My MAC 217 and 239 work slightly better, in my opinion.
~Depending on your preference, these might be hard to use, since they are bigger that most eye brushes
~Can be hard to store (The tops have the face of the character)
~Bristles might get stained since they are white.

 Here are the brushes. Sorry that they are dirty, I used them this morning and didn't have time to clean them. You won't be able to see that the tips are supposed to be colored the same color as the metal part before the bristles.

Here you can  see all the pictures on the handle of the brushes.

Here is a close up on the tops of the brushes. As you can see, they have the face of one of the Tokidoki characters and the handles also have tons of cute drawings related to the character on the top of the brush.

 Here are bristles of the brush.
 Its a cute character in a cow costume who usually is holding a gun, I think its a Tommy guns usually conected with the Italian mobsters. It makes sense since its name is Mozzarella (Reference to Italy as well as a dairy product :D LOL)
 Adios. A skull, grim reaper looking character. His name is Spanish for "Good bye."
 Donutella. One of my favorite Tokidoki characters. She has donuts for ears.

 The donuts even have sprinkles on them.
 Im not sure if you can tell, but the blending brush (the middle one) is longer than most blending brushes I have seen. It makes it useful for light blending, or for applying a light wash of color all over the lid or on the crease. I have also used this to blend out concealers. It worked alright for that.
The liner brush is thin, so it works really good for applying eyeshadow on the upper or lower lash line. Its thin enough that you can get a precise line, and you can control how thick or thin you make the line.

Overall, I think these brushes are great. They will be good for people who are beginners in makeup, someone who doesn't own many brushes, someone who does not want to spend too much money on brushes, or of course huge Tokidoki fans. I still think MAC brushes are better, but since MAC brushes can be really pricey, these are a more cost affective and cuter alternative.
You can see the difference in size of the eye brushes compared to the Blush Brush.



  1. Oh my goodness!!! They are soooo cute! I want them! Too bad they dont have a sephora where i am :(
    I am liking the looks of the blending brush. I actually dont mind that they're white bristles because I find I can see how much product Im picking up.
    Again, they are too cute :D
    Thanks for sharing babe!

  2. Thanks ;) I know, it is useful to see how much product you pick up~
    Really? You can't order online?

  3. I looked on and atm I dont think they ship to Australia

    I am LOVING the Illamasqua cream blushes.. I have one peach colour and one pink. I also bought their powder blusher in 'nymph' but havent had a chance to try it (its still pretty and new in the box heehee)

    What shade is your powder blusher babe?

  4. Wow, half off! thats a great bargain! I bought my Illamasqua products for 25% off during Amnesty.

    2 hours away? oh no.. at least its better for your cash balance. haha.

  5. i absolutely adore tokidoki blush brush, and for me it works better then 168 MAC, plus its really really cute:)
    will run to sephora now to buy these cuties

  6. In response to the Mac concealer: I have super acne prone skin and a ton of scarring, I started using Acne Solutions Clinique Clearing Concealer and I like it sooo much better than the mac one!

  7. what i like about this brush is that there is no arguing that TOKIDOKI dominates any brush thus far for cuteness factor.


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