Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette

Greetings from the Dark Side!

Guess what I will be reviewing today? Yeah...well the tittle of the post kind of ruined it...but yes! I will be reviewing the second palette I purchased from Sugarpill, the Burning Heart Palette! Heart Breaker is awesome, but this palette is so BRIGHT and SUPER-SPECIAL-AWESOME. Let's see what this palette is all about, shall we?

Price and Availability

$34 on the Sugarpill website. The shipping cost is pretty good, and it was shipped fairly quickly since I made my order during the Heart Breaker palette's release. Even with the massive amounts of orders they received, I still got my order fast =3

Packaging is one of the awesome points of this palette, in my opinion. They are super cute (the palette itself and the box it comes in). The palette comes with a really good size mirror as well. And, they don't skip out on quality. I love how the palette is so heavy and well-made. I wouldn't hesitate to travel with it because it's not flimsy and I don't think it would damage easily. I actually dropped my palette a few times already and it's still good as new! ^_^

On a slightly creepy side note, can I just say how much I love the character on the front of the box?! Like seriously, they could not have made it better. Black hair? Check. Awesome eyeshadow? Check. Purple lips? Check. Purple blush? Check. Purple accessories? Check! I want to look like that xD


Here are the four colors, swatched on bare skin:
Flamepoint -intensely bright orange
Buttercupcake - a buttery, sunny yellow
Love+ - slightly blue-toned, bright red
Poison Plum -red-toned violet

Product in Action

Here is the look I did using the entire palette. You can see the post on this HERE.


After experimenting with this palette for a couple of weeks now, I came to the conclusion that this is awesome xD Haha. To be honest, I quite prefer this palette over the Heart Breaker just because it is more vibrant, so much more fun, and definitely more versatile. This is a MUST for those who love bright eyeshadows, and I have no idea why it took me so long to own it. Albeit, it has it's small faults, but nothing that would deter me from keeping it. 

I thought these were going to be matte shades, but they aren't completely matte. I find that they all have a tiny sheen, and it is most apparent in Poison Plum. 
Pigmentation was quite amazing overall. Flamepoint is the most pigmented and has the best and smoothest application. Love+ would soon follow, then Poison Plum, and lastly Buttercupcake.
Buttercupcake was a tab bit disappointing. It still is the BEST yellow I own, but I thought it would be SUPER pigmented. It takes about 3-4 swatches to become fully opaque. I heard that Poison Plum is difficult to work with, but I didn't find that to be true. I did have to go over it twice because the first application/swatch can be a bit streaky, but I don't think it's too bad. The result is beautiful! It is one of the most gorgeous purples I own.
Although it has it's faults, these are one of the best bright colored eyeshadows I own. It is SO hard to find good yellows, reds, and oranges. My search for the perfect orange has stopped with this :)

Rating: 9.5/10

Tell me, what do you think of this palette overall? Would you wear this bright colors? Is a palette like this something you would reach for often?

Thank you for reading ♥ Until next time~


  1. That purple is to die for! :O And i agree, i love the girl character on the box. :D

  2. that yellow is amazing, I really need a vibrant and pigmented yellow eyeshadow! i think sugar pill would be perfect ;)


  3. These shadows look crazy pigmented! And the shades are so bright! I don't think I can pull off the colours in this palette, but your look is just amazing!

  4. The box is amazing. xD So are the colours. I'm so lemming after these palettes now.

  5. i love the so much too, and did a blogpost last year. It's so hard to pick just one color from this palette, i wanna pack them all to my eyelid. :)

  6. I hate Sugarpill! I had the worst allergic reaction Love+ and Poison Plum because they both contain crushed beetles AKA carmine, YUCK! So much for a "vegan" company! I know they don't claime all of their eyeshadows are vegan but still... eurgh!


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