Friday, April 1, 2011

March Geeky Favorites 2011

As a self proclaimed geek, I feel compelled to keep doing this Geeky Favorites post. This month has been really busy: From last quarter's finals, to the beginning of a new quarter. This being said, there is not many things this month, since I have not had the time for playing video games or reading and such. So lets get right into it.

~Harry Potter

One thing I must mention is that during my spring break I took the liberty of re-reading the last two books of Harry Potter. If you have not read the Harry Potter books, seriously just stop whatever you are doing, go o your nearest book store/library and go freaking read them. I've heard the agument "But I've watched the movies already" or "I watched the movies and it was stupid" crap, but the books are seriously waaaay better than the movies. I love the movies, but the books convey what film cannot. Just like any other movie based on a book, the book is like 100 times better. I am so stoked for the last movie!

~Marvel VS Capcom 3
This is the only game I have recently played. Great game to play with friends. Its so fun to beat your friends or sucks when you lose! I love using Storm, Morrigan, and Trish. Amaterasu is so cool too!

~The Book of Genesis
Okay, so I will start by saying that I am a Roman Catholic, but I am not the type of Catholic that pushes my belief down people's throats. I have deep respect for all religions and beliefs. Genesis is the first part of the Bible, that accounts for the creating of Earth and of human beings. It contains people from Adam and Eve, Abel and Cain, Noah, Abraham and Isaac, and so on and so forth. I actually have to read this again for one of my literature classes, and we were asked to read this while setting our religious beliefs aside. So I read this again as merely a piece of literature, with no religious thoughts about it. Even if you are not Christian, or even if you do not believe in God, I think this is a classic piece of work that everyone should read.

~Star Wars

This is pretty obvious. I loooooooooooooooooooove Star Wars. But I have been watching the movies a lot recently. I've watched them so many times, but I had a burning desire to watch them all again. Especially Episode IV-VI [Of course, those are the best] I think EVERYONE should watch all the movies at least once in their lifetime. If you hate them, just endure them once. Kind of the same with Lord of the Rings. They are really good movies. But I think Star Wars is a MUST watch. Just once? Pretty Please? Do it!

Anime and Manga wise, I have not really watched or read any this month. I have only been keeping up with Naruto. Busy busy.

So yeah that is all for this month, I will probably have tons of books next month to share. So thank you all so much for reading! I hope you guys can convert to the Dark Side!


  1. Great faves!!Nice blog honey...Plz follow-

  2. Harry Potter was my all time favorite! :D


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