Saturday, April 16, 2011

NOTD: Periwinkle and Pink Sprinkles

I was in Rite Aid the other day and I found a new Sally Hansen polish that was really cute! It is a murky bluish clear base with ton of pink sprinkles. The cool thing is that I the pink sprinkles also have a green duochrome effect: the pink changes to green in certain angles. I also found an extremely racist lady outside Rite Aid...what a ray of sunshine she was [>_>].
I was so excited about using the polish, so I rushed home and I decided to put China Glaze 'Secret Periwinkle' as a base. I loved the concept of this blue and pink combo...but I don't think I like it very much. I don't know, its cute but I am not totally convinced yet.

I used China Glaze 'Secret Periwinkle' as a base.

Then I added the Sally Hansen 'Snappy Sprinkles'

I don't know if I like it...

Maybe I added too many sprinkles?
So I am not sure If I will be doing this mani again, it looks cute from far away, but from close up it looks ugly to me. Haha, I wanted to show you guys anyways. I would love your feedback on this look :)


  1. I was drawn to that Sally Hansen but ended up not getting it...I decided it wasn't for me....not too bad on periwinkle, though

    angry face at racist lady >:(

  2. I really like the China Glaze shade.. a nice pastel blue!

  3. Pink + blue = ♥♥♥
    Absolutely love your nails!(^O^)

    PS. I'm following you hun! ;3

    Rabbito the Zombie Bunny

  4. I definitely picked up the Sally Hansen when I saw it at ULTA, I'm going to do an Easter mani sometime this week with it probs. Looks great with the periwinkle (hehe I love that word)!!


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