Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zoya 'Gemma'

Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a pleasant week~

 Zoya 'Gemma' polish came out not too long ago. But from the moment I saw it, I fell in love with it. It is a super unique color! It is a murky olive green with a subtle blue and purple shimmer.This polish is great for wearing a pop of color that is not "all up in yo face." Very wearable, but still fun and cute.

Overall, the formula is pretty good. Its is not too watery or too thick. One coat is a little sheer, so two or three coats will be best. As far as wear, it lasts a decent amount of time. In the pictures you will notice some wear on the tips, but I wore this polish for three days before the pictures were taken. In three days of wear, I did not get  any chipping. I am wearing two coats of 'Gemma' and one of  a clear top coat.

Price and Availability
$8 on the Zoya website.

This has become a go to nail polish for me. If I want something wearable but not boring, I will turn to this. I have been using this so much lately! I reeeeeally recommend this for people who love green polishes. I am surprised I liked this so much since I am not a lover of green nail polish. But it is a really unique color. I hope you all enjoyed this~

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