Sunday, January 15, 2012

Swatches + Review: Lime Crime Magic Dust Eyeshadows

A long, long time ago, when I was just starting The Dark Side of Beauty, I posted my first Haul + First Impressions post about my first Lime Crime haul. I never realized I didn't do I a follow up review or swatches for that matter, until now that is.
Lime Crime is still a very controversial brand, so I will again state that I don't like to get into all those types of rumors and drama. I have ordered from Lime Crime about three or four times now, and I have still not had any negative experiences. I absolutely love their lipsticks and packaging. I have always received great customer service as well as fast and reliable shipping. If you have a dislike for the brand, then by all means don't buy from them and disregard any posts that are related to this company. I merely want to share this review for those who are interested. These are all my own opinions and I am 100% honest about what I really think. So if you are interested, stay tuned :)

Price and Availability
$14 for 2g of pigment. You can purchase the colors on Lime Crime's website. I do think the pigments are a bit pricey, so I suggest that you wait for a sale if you do want to purchase these. There is usually a Valentine's Day Sale, so look out for that.

Some of the colors are very nicely pigmented. Dragon Scales, Nymph, Cupcake Thief, Siren, and Medusa are very pigmented. Twilight and Empress though lack some pigmentation and they look much better over base. Medusa and Siren do get fall out, but they are dark colors so that was expected. If I was to compare the formula of these with other brands, I would say that they are similar to MAC pigments. I personally think that Fyrinnae's loose shadows are still much superior in quality, especially since Fyrinnae is inexpensive.

*The swatches are semi-accurate, but they look muuuuch better in person.
 Nymph: A sheer white with a gold glow. This is a beautiful color. It is a gorgeous as a highlight or on the inner corner. The picture really does it no justice.
Cupcake Thief: Similar concept to Nymph. It is a pale pink with glowing pink sparkles. I can't get over htis color. It is sooo cute and beautiful. L'oreal H.I.P. makes a similar pigment, but this formula is waaay better.
Twilight: A dusty, midnight purple with pink sparkles. I love the color, but the pigmentation could be a lot better.I have to either use my Pixie Epoxy or use a cream base for the color to show up vibrantly.
Empress: A deep purple with purple and pink sparkle. This is definitely the most disappointing of all the shades. Maybe I am just picky with purples, but the pigmentation is terrible. It does not apply well on the lid and it almost complete blends out when I apply it. Maybe this one is defected because I have seen swatches from other bloggers, and it looks fabulous. 0_o"
Dragon Scales: A very cool brown/red/blue/green color. This is very pigmented, and has the best formula out of all the colors. This one is without a doubt my favorite of all the eyeshadows. Plus, this reminds me a lot of Skyrim...
Siren: A bright, sating red. Very unique color. It is RED, not burgundy, copper, or any other reddish variation. It is a very solid red color. It look so awesome on the lid!~ This one is also very pigmented and one of the better eyeshadows from Lime Crime.
Medusa: A black base with fine green shimmer and sparkle. It is pigmented and it makes a great substitute for a plain black eyeshadow. I wish the green was more pronounced because sometimes I can hardly see the green. Overall, a great shade.

The shades I would wholeheartedly recommend are Nymph, Cupcake Thief, Dragon Scales, and Siren. I cannot recommend Twilight or Empress because they lack in pigmentation. Medusa is really great, but not a must-have shade, IMO. Would I buy any more eyeshadows? Not likely. Not because I don't like them, but because if I was to buy something from Lime Crime, I would prefer to get lipsticks or their new lip glosses. Would I repurchase any of the colors I already have? Perhaps. Dragon Scales is such a great eyeshadow, and if I ever ran out of it, I would consider repurchasing.

If you want to see these colors in action, check out some of my previous EOTD's.

So tell me, do you own any Lime Crime eyeshadows? What do you think of them?


  1. Great review! I want to try Dragon Scales and Medusa!

    1. Thanks! Those two are really gorgeous colors :D

  2. nice swathes, i so need to try this brand out

  3. Nymph is so pretty! I've never seen a shadow like it before, gorgeous!

    1. Right? I don't have any dupes for it!

  4. I really like all the colours on the first picture !!! Especially Cupcake Thief and Twilight. But if I ever purchase Lime Crime products it'll probably be their lipsticks =) !

    xxx Vee

    1. I concur. I think their lipsticks are much better.
      IMO, there are much better eyeshadows for less money. (Liek Fyrinnae or Shiro Cosmetics)

  5. great review hun.. i love the swatches.. so vivid! awesome!

  6. great swatches! the colors are so bold and pigmented. really pretty!

  7. Great swatches! I love your blog!

    Love, Julia,

  8. Honestly, I've tried Lime Crime (I have the entire Magic Dust Collection and the Carousel Lipgloss) And I've never had a bad experience, never found anything quite like them and adore the packaging and the entire experience I get using them.


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