Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Psychotic Galactic Empress

Hii ♥
Sorry for my lack of daily posts! I hope I can make it up with this post~ This is more "editorial" since many of you wouldn't wear this much makeup. This look was really random; I was just randomly aplying colors on my lid, but then I saw it going somewhere and it eventually turned out to be this! That is also why I don't have  a picture tutorial, but I hope you like it anyways!

I imagine, if I ruled the universe, I would do my makeup a little something like this...
Alas! How unfortunate. A girl can only dream of being a space queen!

Products Used (Eyes)

-Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette (Blackout, Evidence, Omen, and Deep End, Vanilla)
-Tarina Tarantino Odyssey Starchild Palette (the pigmented silver)
-Wet n Wild white eyeliner pencil
-Dolly Wink liquid liner
-L'oreal Mascara
-KKCenterhk ES A855 Lashes
This is off focus, but it shows the iridescence of the colors~ Pretty!

 How to Achieve this Look (hope it isn't too confusing...)
1. Using an angled brush, use a matte black to  line the upper lash line and make a defined wing.  I only went half ways into the upper lash line to emphasize the wing. (I started from the middle and made the wing outwards, so I didn't line the inner half of the upper lash line)
2.Apply a silver shadow on the lid up to the crease and in the inner corners (avoid messing up the black line we made in step #1)
3.Apply a dark navy shade on the crease.
4.Take a lighter, iridescent purple and apply it above the dark navy. Blend the colors slightly. 
5.Apply a highlight shade on the brow bone. I chose a sparkling white gold.
6.Apply the same dark navy on the lower lash line (avoiding the inner corner where the silver shade should be) Make sure to apply a generous amount and to smudge the color slightly.
7.Apply a bright teal on the outer 1/3 of the lash liner (below the dark navy)
8. Apply mascara, liner, and lashes. (I only applied a thin line of liquid liner to mask the false lashes)

I must surely apologize for my unruly hair before hand. I was way too lazy to do anything with it. This is what my hair looks like when it dries naturally after washing it ;P I think it added a "psycho" effect to the look xD

Products Used (Face)
-Reviva Labs Face Primer
-Liole Triple the Solution BB Cream
-NARS Sin Blush (From the Danmari Palette)
-Lime Crime 'No She Didn't' Lipstick

More Wearable Approach... 
Don't wear the blue lipstick. It hardly suits me, so I prefer this look without the blue lippie.  But for the sake of it being an editorial look, I had to include some pictures with the blue lipstick. Plus, the blue lips practically scream "Space Queen!"

Or Another Alternative Perhaps?
I also tweaked the blue lips a little. Instead of having full on blue lips, I added a bit of the same silver eyeshadow I used on my eyes to the center of my lips, as well as the navy color on the outer parts of my lips.

 I see you...

 I had so much fun taking pictures for this look! I really enjoyed altering a random application of eyeshadows into an actual look!~ I would totally wear this to a sci-fi convention. Heck I already wore black lipstick while grocery shopping, why not take this look while running some errands? That would be a sight! 

What do you think of this look? Would you wear the eye makeup? Blue lipstick? Both?


  1. I LOVE this!! Go space queen Nancy! haha
    I actually think you pull off the blue lipstick very well, though you will probably get a few looks if you wear it out! ;P

  2. beau trait d'eyeliner
    il met en valeur le gris

  3. what camera do u use to take the zoom eyes!
    my camera always wash off the eyeshadow, but if i use no flash, it would turn blur and the eyeshadow would look blended together

    ur make up is fantastic!

  4. So fun, I love it! But I own the Mint Green Lime Crime lipstick and have worn it around my house, so I am biased for sure ;)

  5. This looks awesome! I love doing very dramatic eyeshadow looks when I'm at home just for fun, but usually don't wear them out lol

  6. love this look, you rock those lipsticks

  7. I love both the looks (to be really honest I LOVE the one with blue lips =D) And I can totally picture you as a space queen =) Or an ice queen ... a Queen of something anyway ! You look great =)

    Yet an other look I can recreate as I own the UD 15th palette =D yaaaaay !!!!

    xxx Vee

  8. @sahar awan: Haha, blue lips are rather odd. Very science fiction.

    @Stacey:Thank you! :) I am starting to like the sound of Space Queen Nancy... xD

    @laura: I know a little bit of French, so I think I understood that. The silver highlights the eyeliner? If so, I agree! :D

  9. @Stella Lee: I use a Canon Rebel T3. I use the flash mode just under my bathroom lights :)

    @Sarah S:Ah thank you! I also own Mint To Be, I haven't done much with it yet though.

    @Polar Berry: Aww thanks! Haha, I do that sometime too~

  10. @CottonCandyINK: Thank you~ I am still unsure about blue lippie but it looks pretty awesome!

    @Vee: ^_^ Thanks! I am liking the idea of being some form of queen~
    Awesome. I hope you have fun with the palette~ I totally adore the UD 15th palette.

  11. its a very daring look, but in a very good way. i luv your EOTD posts, they are always fun to look at, and i totally agree with the blue lipstick, just for the sick of the post its alright, i wouldnt wear it out to the public with blue lips...maybe on halloween...or to a dress up party...


  12. Greetings, Space Queen! Your "editorial" looks are always great to see. If i had the color application/blending skills like you...I'd totally wear the eye make up out! Not too sure about the blue lippie though.. XD

  13. The lips are definitely out of this world. XD Great look! <3

  14. gorgeous eye makeup!!! dude that blue lip is really awesome. maybe not for a regular day at school or work but def for halloween or something!!!

  15. @Jessy: Aww thank you. You are so sweet! Yeah, I totally agree.

    @Tiffyama: Greetings! Thanks ^_^ The eye makeup is totally fine with me too for going out xD I am sure you can do it! Just practice a little~ My oldest EOTDs are from a year ago, and I have learned so much. I was terrible at doing makeup not long before that, so have some confidence in your skills :D It only takes time and practice~

  16. @Wendy: Haha thank you :D I didn't even think of that pun!

    @ShinyPrettyThings: Thank you! I am so flattered~ Definitely, I totally agree. Imagine wearing the blue lipstick to school @_@

  17. This is such a pretty look! I love how dramatic it is. The blue lips are very unique.

    1. Aww thank you. I do love dramatic looks :D


    1. Awww you are so sweet!!!
      I really appreciate your kind words. It gives me the motivation to make better and more outrageous looks!

  19. I like this, especially the light purple, it's really pretty!! =)

    1. Thank you! :) I am glad you like it!

  20. you look so pretttyy!

  21. i love it with both variants of blue lips :)

  22. you have such a pretty pretty set of eyes! if i have eyes like those, i would be in love with shadows too!! :D such great job!

    1. Thank you! Hah, but not at all. Its all about how you use the eyeshadows and make them suit your eye shape :D

  23. The blue lipstick is cool but yeah...not wearable! The eye make up is really beautiful, It was well blended..I hope I can do that too :)

    1. Aww thanks sweetie ^_^
      Yeah, not the most wearable color!


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