Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tutorial: Wicked Alchemy (Ft. Lime Crime)

Greetings from the Dark Side :)

Following up on my haul post for the Lime Crime Alchemy collection, I wanted to share with you my first look using the Alchemy palette and Poisonberry Lipstick! This is the very first time I use any of the products so I am still playing around with how to use these colors :) On a side note, this look just reminds me of Maleficent! Doesn't it?

                    Products Used                    

-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
-Lime Crime Alchemy Palette
-Lime Crime Poisonberry Lipstick
-Milani Liquif'Eye black eyeliner
-Prestige My Blackest Lashes
-Ardell Lashes


1. Start off by priming you eye with the Eyeshadow Helper. 

2. With a flat brush, apply Lucky Charm from the Alchemy Palette, or any other vibrant green you own. 

3. With a small brush, apply Divination, or any teal you have, on the crease.

 4. With a fluffy brush, apply Love Potion No.9, an iridescent purple with a green sheen, over the blue and blend it.

5. With a large brush, apply Spellbound, a shimmery off-white, on the brow bone and blend it into the purple.

6. Apply Spellbound on the inner corner as well.

7. Apply a black eyeliner on the waterline.

8. With an angled brush, apply Divination on the lower lash line, connecting it to the Divination that was applied on the crease.

 9. Apply mascara, liner and lashes :)
               You are DONE!~

                     Finished Look                    

 Don't forget to apply Poisonberry on your lips for an enchanting look!

 What do you think of the collection from this look? I personally just love everything right now! I am still playing around with the colors, but I can say that I already adore Poisonberry. The pictures do it no justice! In person, it looks so amazing. It is a dark grape purple, but it shifts colors slightly depending on the light :D


  1. Fabulous! Poisonberry looks amaaaaaaazing on you <3

  2. I really love how the eyeshadows look together. Now that I've seen Poisonberry on, I know for sure that I will buy it. It's such a great colour!

  3. another one to love, you always come out with the best color combos! ^_^

  4. That's a cool, colorful smokey look but I bet I'd have to pair any one of the colors from this palette with neutrals or lighter colors to make it really "me"

  5. the green eyeshadow *-* amazing

  6. i think that the colors are great, i really need some lime crime

  7. this looks AWESOME! And you're right- totally reminds me of the Disney villain... except 10x better! :)

  8. Awesome!!! I just got the Poisonberry lipstick; I gotta get the Alchemy eyeshadow set! XD

    BTW I used one of your pics in my review (don't worry, I credited you~! <3): http://heyitsfaiye.blogspot.com/2012/12/review-lime-crime-poisonberry-opaque.html :D

  9. Would this lip color look good on someone around NW40 shade?

  10. would this lip color look good on someone around the shade NW40?

    1. I personally think that purples especially deep purples look really great on medium and dark skin tones. You should definitely try it :D


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