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Review: L'oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

Greetings from the Dark Side!

I have been seeing this new L'oreal product on many blogs and Youtube videos, so I thought I would input my own thoughts about this product. If you are curious about the new L'oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder, then keep reading.

                                                                       Product Information                                                        

  Magic Nude Liquid Powder
This makeup comes in a small glass jar with a twist cap. This does not have come with a pump.
 I have the color #312 Classic Ivory, which is perfect for my NC25-30 skin tone. The color blends in very well with my skin and it does not oxidize throughout the day.
This is extremely liquidy. I don't particularly like that it is so liquidy, but at least it blends in very easily. It gives the skin a soft matte finish.
This has a light-medium coverage. 
I apply and blend this with my fingers. Using a brush or a sponge will waste product and gives you a less even and less pigmented coverage.
Wear (comfort):
 For my combo skin, this wears very nicely. It does not accentuate any dry areas nor does it make my skin look oily.
Wear (time):
I have worn this on my casual days and it lasted me 7-8 hours without a problem. I think that unless you have extremely oily skin, you could wear this on its own for at least 8 hours. Wearing a primer and using blotting sheets will definitely help it last longer.
Dupes? Similar products?:
Hard Candy CC cream, Armani Maestro Fluid Makeup


After using this product for more than a week, I think I am finally ready to make my final thoughts on it. I've used this every single day since I purchased it and I am a bit torn.

The Bad: First of all, I hate the packaging. The glass bottle is small and thin, which makes it fit easily in a small purse or bag; however, the fact that it is glass that contains a really liquidy product makes it a recipe for disaster. The bottle can easily slip out of your hand (this already happened to me) and I am afraid that it will break and make a huge mess. I also really hate that I have to pour the product out (it does not come with a pump). The foundation is so liquidy that it feels like it will come gushing out of the bottle.

Another thing that is not great about this is the coverage. It is expected that a product called "Magic Nude" will result in a natural/minimal coverage, and that is in fact the case. This has a light-medium coverage, so it will not cover very red areas or acne scarring. It does not help to layer this on because it can look cakey if you put too much on. It is better to do 1-2 thin layers of this and use a concealer for really stubborn imperfections. Also, keep in mind that even though this is long-lasting, it can wear off a little if it is really hot outside.

 The Good: The fact that the foundation is really liquidy might be problematic, but it is also a good because it blends out so easily on the skin. When I dab some of the product on my skin, I just have to lightly rub it in and is blends like a dream! It blends out like a watery foundation, but it ends up turning into a soft matte finish. The result is a really smooth and natural-looking coverage that is perfect for everyday wear. This stuff keeps my face looking really natural, and it does not make my dry areas look every drier or my T-zone oiler.

                                                                         Product in Action!                                                          

I used this product in the look below. As you can see, it does not give me a flawless coverage. But, it makes my skin look presentable. Best of all, it does not look like I am wearing a mask of foundation; it looks natural.

                                                                        Final Verdict                                                                    

Although I do like this product, I don't think it is the most amazing thing in the world. This is very reminiscent of the Hard Candy CC cream and the Armani Maestro Fluid Makeup. This is cheaper than the Armani one and a little more expensive than the Hard Candy one. But, it also offers a way better color selection than the Hard Candy CC cream line (and a better finish). Out of the three, I would recommend this one because it is not super expensive while still having a decent color selection. 

This is a great option for a long-lasting light coverage foundation that has SPF and that will not look like an oily mess (like many tinted moisturizers and BB creams tend to look like at the end of a long day). I don't love the packaging, but the actual product is quite decent. If you are looking for a light coverage product that will will be easy to wear, then this might be a good option for you.

Rating: 8/10 


  1. I've not heard of this before (yet), but from your description i think i'll dislike the packaging, lol. The product, on the other hand, sounds pretty good. If it dries to a powdery finish, I think it will be similar to the KATE Powderless Liquid foundation, which I'm dying to try.

  2. Nice review :) Will give this product a try for sure...

  3. I have heard from oilier girls that this last a long time. Funny enough, it seems to just slide of my dry skin into nothing after a few hours lol. You're right though Nancy it is similar to the Maestro foundation from Armani!

  4. This looks like something I might want to try but the glass packaging scares me! I'm super clumsy!

  5. Love your eye makeup in this!

  6. I love your eye makeup in this!

  7. Love your eye makeup in this!

  8. U need to match your skin tone correctly!!! Your face is completly different than your body and the result is clownish. Your blog and opinions would be taken more seriously if u simply did this step.

    1. I understand what you mean, but you also have to take many factors into account. This foundation has SPF in it, which is why my face will look paler than it really is when you use flash photography. Also, shadows make my body look much darker as well. My face is naturally paler than the rest of my body and I do agree that this was not the best color match for me. Still, because my everyday foundations all contain SPF in them, my face will usually tend to look paler. Please keep this in mind.
      But thank you for your input. I appreciate constructive criticism and I will make sure to mention things like this in any foundation reviews I post :)


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