Thursday, April 17, 2014

Comparison Swatches: Maybelline Color Tattoos Summer 2014

As promised, here is a quick comparison swatch post of the two "new" Color Tattoos. Why do I put new in quotations? Well because these colors are not really new at all! They are basically re-named re-releases of two of last summer's Color Tattoos. 'Sunwashed Sky' is basically the same as last year's LE shade 'Cool Crush' (left). 'Shimmering Sea' is in the same way a re-named 'Seashore Frosts' (right). In the swatches, the two shades from last year seem a little more pigmented, but I think it is only because they are slightly drier (since they are a year old now) and thus come off more pigmented than the newer formulas.

Sunwashed Sky / Cool Crush / Shimmering Sea / Seashore Frosts
Basically, if you already own 'Cool Crush' and 'Seashore Frosts' you do not need the two "new" shades! But if you missed out on last year's Color Tattoos, these are a good chance to pick out these two shades :D


  1. What a shame that they're so similar to last year's! Lack of creativity on Maybelline's part!

    1. It is certainly a lack of creativity and it sucks for us who already own these shades. But on the upside, people who missed out have a chance to get these. I think they should have had the same names as before though...

  2. Thank you for swatching these-- haven't been able to find a good comparison aside from yours!


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