Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pressed Palettes!

Greetings from the Dark Side!

So I have recently been absolutely obsessed with pressing loose shadows. I bought one empty palette on eBay not too long ago to try out pressing and I have been hooked ever since! I just want to share the three palettes I have pressed so far! You can check out my pressing tutorial HERE.

This is the first palette I pressed. I pressed all 10 of the Shiro Cosmetics The Notebook Collection and added MAC 'Melon' pigment and Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'You're a Wizard, Harry!' eyeshadow to complete the 12 slots in the palette. They all pressed rather well~

The next palette I pressed is a mix of 6 eyeshadows from the Shiro Cosmetics Seven Kingdoms Collection (left half) and all the Victorian Disco Cosmetics Sindarin Collection (right half). These all pressed really well too! The only exception is Shiro's 'Little Bird' eyeshadow (the second eyeshadow from the left on the first row) which turned out a little rough in texture, but it still works.

And then yesterday I finally received my new order of empty palettes so I spent a good while pressing this palette. This is all made up of eyeshadows from the Victorian Disco Cosmetics Azeroth Collection (some of these shades are discontinued). These also turned out fantastically!

I will definitely be pressing more eyeshadows! I have four palettes left and I will certainly be pressing more of my Shiro Cosmetics and Victorian Disco Cosmetics eyeshadows (and maybe some Fyrinnae too!). I still need to add labels to these palettes and hopefully add decorations on the cover of each palette :D If you are curious I have swatched a lot of these eyeshadows on my imgur swatch album.


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  1. What a beautiful palette you made! Can't take my eyes off!

  2. gorgeous variety of colors :) I have a few bare mineral loose shadows that I would love to go ahead and press! Might have to make this a weekend project!

  3. They all look really cool :). I'm far too lazy to press my pigments (I still have a whole pile I should really put into jars rather than the sample baggies) but I'm impressed at everyone else's. Can't wait to see any designs you come up with for the front of palettes as well :3

  4. I love pressing shadows too. I find that I get more use out of them when they are pressed, because although I love indie shadows, I'm too lazy to deal with the baggies or the jars and the sifters and blah de blah. Having them in a pan makes them super accessible, and seeing them all laid out side by side helps me come up with cool new color combinations.

    I also find the actual pressing part to be relaxing. I usually throw on a season of a tv show or a couple of movies and press away for hours. The only thing I don't like is that the magnetic palettes can become expensive when you have a huge pigment collection. The 28 pan ones from coastal scents are a great deal though. When they go on sale, I buy a bunch LOL.

    1. I agree! I love indie shadows, but sometimes having them in jars or bagges gets messy and unorganized. Having them in palettes is neater. I also find it really fun to do while watching Netflix!

  5. It definitly looks great.... :D well done....


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