Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review: Nayll Custom Polishes

Greetings from the Dark Side!

Tomorrow is March 4th, officially named Star Wars day! In celebration of Star Wars day, I wanted to share a few nail polishes that I customed made on Nayll. Nayll is a website that allows you custom make polishes and name them as well. It is a really cool concept and I had tons of fun creating for of my very own polishes. Three of the polishes were inspired by Star Wars and the fourth by Princess Peach from Mario! I will have swatches as well as the ingredient I used to create each polish~!

This color is inspired by Darth Vader, one of my favorite Star Wars characters. This polish has a black jelly base, ruby red holographic squares, black holographic hex, black diamonds, silver flakes, and silver holographic hex. This is basically a black base with lots and lots of silver, black, and red glitter!I absolutely love how it came out. The swatch is one coat of a plain black nail polish and one coat of Darth Vader.

Darth Maul
This polish is also inspired by another Star Wars baddy, Darth Maul. This is a raspberry red jelly base with black diamonds, ruby red holo squares, copper hex, and black holo hex.  This is three coats on its own. I love how the black holo hex looks on the red! It is so cool~

The Force
This is a simpler shimmer polish, no glitter. It is a combination of two polish bases: a shimmery saphire and a shimmery green pearl polish.  It has a beautiful glow to it~ The swatch is two coats of The Force.

Save The Princess
This last polish is sort of inspired by Princess Peach. The polish has blue, pink, and yellow glitter in a blue jelly base. It is such a cute polish! The swatch it one coat of Save The Princess over one coat of OPI Ogre-the-Top Blue. 

Being able to create my own polishes was insanely cool! I hope you guys like the polishes I created, I certainly like them :D If you are interested in making your own polishes, make sure to visit Nayll.

May the Fourth be with you ♥

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  1. Todos son muy hermosos, rebozan en creatividad. Mi favorito es VADER ♥

  2. Really beautiful colors!
    Love them all!
    thank you for sharing!

  3. loooove the inspiration behind these!

  4. I love these!! Vader is absolutely gorgeous!


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