Saturday, May 31, 2014

FOTD: I Dyed My Hair Red...Sort Of

Hi guys! Long time no see! I have been such a terrible blogger >_<" I wish I could say I have been really busy, but I have actually been really uninspired lately. Also I have been binge watching Netflix and Crunchyroll! I have a few quick updates to share with you all. First of all, I dyed my hair red. Kind of. I lightened my hair a bit because I want to dye it blue when I go to Anime Expo (July 3-July 6), but I hated how it looked as a really light brown. So I decided to dye it red in the mean time. Why not just dye it blue right now? Well I can't have blue hair at work, but apparently red is acceptable xD

Next sort of update is that I will be having my regular Series Challenge for June! I skipped May because I was being lazy but I will be continuing that! Anyway here is my FOTD for today!

                                                                                      Products Used                                                                              
- Wet n Wild 'Vanity' Palette (shimmery pale gold)
- Kat Von D liquid liner
L'oreal Voluminous Miss Manga mascara

Face & Lips 
- Wet n Wild CoverAll Foundatiin
- Revlon Matte Balm 'Standout'

Thank you for reading!


  1. The color is STUNNING!!!! I love it!!

  2. really love the hair color, it looks great on you!

  3. YES that is the hair color i have been wanting! nice to see your pretty face around here :)

  4. i like your neutral eye make-up.


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