Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Geeky Favorites 2011

Greetings fellow Geeks, or perhaps a normal person! I bring you my favorites of this month relating to books, games, anime, and manga!
Just a word of warning, I just might geek out during this post, I am excited for some things coming up soon...

Books: Some books that have really caught my interest this month:
~"The Metamorphosis"  by Franz Kafka [Actually, not a book, but a short story] Really great story. It is not that long, so easily readable. Some people might find this to be an odd story; its about a man waking up one morning and realizing that he turned into an insect. But his biggest worry is not the cause of his transformation, but instead how he is going to get to work since he missed the early train...

~"Berenice" by Edgar Allen Poe [Another short story] One of Poe's most violent piece of literature. If you read it, you will see why. Edgar Allen Poe is one of my favorite writers, his work is so gruesome, dark,  gothic, and just amazing. This story is really short, but it tells the story of a man, that could be seen as slightly mentally perturbed, who does something pretty grotesque. I will leave it at that :D

~The Tale of Genji [源氏物語] by Murasaki Shikibu [式部紫] This is a Japanese novel, said to be the first novel ever written. It was made around  the 1000's. It is a super long book of 54 chapters and over 1000 pages. I finally managed to finish this book, and I must say it is a book that you MUST read sometime in your life. The book does not have a real plot. It centers around two main characters and the people around them. There are many love affairs, love triangles, deaths, supernatural devices, and a lot more. It is a novel based around Japanese poetry [Tanka, I believe] and around the Japanese aristrocracy. It is a great book, very hard to read since it can be very ambiguous and obviously is translated and is written in old styled Japanese. A Masterpiece of a literature, none the less.

Video Games: I have not really played too many video games recently,but the ones I have I have loved.

~Dead Space, Dead Space 2. Freaky ass games. These are one of the scariest, but coolest, games I have seen. The level of suspense really makes the game even scarier. The exploding babies are creepy. Like seriously. If you have played this, you know what I mean.
Creepy, right?

~Marvel Vs Capcom 3. I have been playing this recently and I like it a lot. One reason: it has Amaterasu
[ 天照] from Okami [おおかみ], which is one of my favorite games. Also, it has Morrigan from DeathStalkers, Dante and Trish from Devil May Cry, and of course I love using Chun Li.
Dante and Trish

Since we are talking games...I am super excited for Portal 2 [My precious] as well as [hopefully it IS coming out this year] the Legend of Zelda: Skywards Sword. I love all the Zelda games, and I hope this one will not disappoint.

Anime and Manga: I am a huuuuge anime and manga fan, so I should mention a couple, right?
Anime [アニメ]
~Naruto: Finally no freaking fillers. I am a huge Naruto fan, and although the anime fillers sometime suck ass, I still love seeing the parts that come up on the manga, especially the fights.

~Devil May Cry: Based on the games. It is really short, but its actually really good. If you like the games, check the anime out. It does not follow the plot of the games, though.

~Aoi Bungaku [青い文学 "Blue Literature"] This anime is based on well known Japanese myths and stories. They are really creepy and some are really gory. It is fairly short, but I was pleasantly surprised by this.

Manga [マンガ]

~Naruto: I am really loving the manga right now, it is getting really  interesting! On another note, what is up with Bleach? It is weird right now...

~Skip Beat: This is made more for the girl audience since it is much more romantic. The plot is slow moving, but amusing none the less.

~Nana: I love this manga [the anime too]. It is silly, funny, yet depressing! It is a much more realistic manga [it shows thing that can happen in real life.Ex: break ups, death, friendship, love, unwanted pregnancy, messed up things that happen in real life.], and you can really relate to some of the characters. I love the music and fashion seen on here. Its overall a great story.

This was really long!! But I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for reading ^_^
Any books, games, or anime/manga that you love and recommend? I would appreciate some recommendations!
So, what are you Geeky Favs?

~Yami <3

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  1. The books seem like a good read! Im nearly finishing my current book - I'm into warlord/fantasy type novels. hehe

    Thanks hun!
    Eyeshadow and blush will have to do, until I can justify purchasing the Nars blush haha

  2. You should definitely watch One Piece~I'm addicted to it now:) Also Bakuman is a good anime and manga:)


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