Friday, March 11, 2011

Review: Tokidoki Robbery Palette Part 3

Part 3: Dark Palette

This is part 3 to my Tokidoki Robbery Palette review. This palette consists of the darker colors as well as the darkest blush. I will just go ahead and say that is my favorite of the the three. It has the more unique colors, and I love the blush. Onto the pictures:
You can see the entire palette
The four eyeshadows
The blush in Polpettina
This palette consists of:
~Liberty: A satin dark green, with a slight hint of turquoise. It is not shimmery, but it has that really sheeny appearance.
~Bullets: As the name suggests, it is a very pigmented silver, slight blue-ish tint to the silver.
~LA Gun: Similar to Liberty, but instead of being dark green with a touch of turquoise, it is a dark greyish blue with a touch of green. It also has that sheen.
~Adios: matte black. I guess I overlooked the fact that there is one matte color, but it is the only one. 
~Polpettina: A bright rose blush, with small amounts of silver glitter. This one too has the glitter, but it is much less obvious than the momobella blush. I really like the color, although I would not use it if I had a dark smokey eye since it is quite bright. 

~Liberty and LA Gun are unique colors
~Bullets is really pigmented
~They all have a silky texture
~It has a matte color
~None of these colors are too shimmery or glittery. They have a nice satin sheen
~The blush is a really gorgeous color

~Liberty and LA Gun are a little sheer, so you have to built up the color
~The matte black seems like a waste, I wish it were a more unique color
~The blush has glitter

[From Left to Right]: Liberty, Bullets, LA Gun, Adios
[From Left to Right]: Liberty, Bullets, LA Gun, Adios
I just turned my hand around, to see if  the colors would show up better
Polpettina Blush
Can you tell that it has glitter?

I love this palette, as well as the neutral one. I am quite impartial to the second palette, but overall it was worth the money. I hope you guys enjoyed this and found it helpful!
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  1. Bummer! What is with all the glitter in the blushes? Im glad to hear they have come out with new blushes without big chunks of glitter in them! I actually really like this blush shade aswell! They have really nice shades :D

    If I prep my lips properly and I dont eat or drink excessively, it would last me about 4~5 hours :)

  2. Beautiful swatches :D Tokidoki is the cutest! :P The colors are really powerful :)

  3. I also have this palette and I agree! The blushes with glitters are weird LOL! I tried it on and the glitter speckles were just something that weirded me out. xD

  4. i really love the blush, but i don't use sparkly blushes...great review though!

  5. Wow, I'm really loving the colours in this palette, I wish they sold Tokidoki cosmetics in the UK as I'd love all of the colours in the robbery palette.

  6. I am dying!!! for some Tokidoki cosmetics but can't get them in the UK... really really want some :( xx


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