Sunday, March 27, 2011

Haul: HauteLook, Swaps, and random puchases

Spring break is a time of indulgence. And I have definitely over indulged during this spring break. A lot. I have bought many things lately; an after affect of final exams most likely [Right...I will keep telling myself that]. I am sure I am not the only one who uses shopping as a way to release stress :D

I have a couple things I want to show you guys, and hopefully I can review all of these soon.
I still have Fyrinnae shadows to swatch and review, those will come in due time. I also have a pretty huge nail polish haul as well. [See, I have been over indulging!]

First, I have two Crown Brush brushes from a Haute Look event.
[L to R]: C405, C404
C404 - Small Duo Fiber Blender Brush: This was $6.50 on Haute Look, retails for $10.43 on their website.
It is a small duo fiber brush that I like to use for cream blush or for highlighters. You can also use it for foundation, if you are patient enough. I have not yet noticed shedding, and I am really liking the brushes. I am not sure how this compares to the MAC 188, but they seem to be similar.

C405 - Contour Blush Brush: This was $6.99 on Haute Look, retails for $11.26 on their website.
This is an angled blush brush. It is great for blush or for contouring. I mostly use it for contouring.

I got both of these to get rid of my desire for the MAC equivalent of these brushes. Although MAC brushes are great, they are expensive. I cannot justify spending $40 for one brush at the moment. Besides, I already have other brushes and there really is no need for me to buy a $40 brush. But these are affordable and good quality, so why not?
You can see that I had just used them xD
Next are two items that I recently got from swaps. I have already shown one in a previous post and the other I have not yet shown.
[L to R]: MAC 'She Who Dares' and MAC 'Azalea Blossom'

MAC 'She Who Dares'
MAC 'She Who Dares': Mineralized eyeshadow from the Venomous Villains collection. Most of it is a blue color, and the other is a green color. I really like this, and I really wanted it when the collection came out. But I thought I should save my money, so I did not buy it. But I began to want it badly, so I ended up swapping for it on Makeup Alley. I traded it for something I had received for free, so in a way I got this for free. Swapping is a really awesome thing. You can get rid of something you don't use, and get something you really want.

MAC 'Azalea Blossom' Ombre
MAC 'Azalea Blossom' Ombre: I have wanted this blush sooooo badly. It has been haunting me for a while now. I was originally planning to buy this when it was released in the Color Forcast collection, but it was sold out by the time I went to get it. I was lucky enough to find someone who wanted to swap this. I am so delighted to finally have this. I absolutely love it! It is so perfect for me. It is a gradient of pink and a light purple. I do not know why, but I love the idea of a purple blush. If you mix the two colors together, you get a mauve-pink shade.  But the purple on its own does come up purple on the cheeks.If blended out slightly, it actually looks quite nice. As you can see from the picture, the purple only takes up about 1/3 of the entire pan.

Next, I have a very exciting bunch of nail polishes. One of them, the most exciting one by far, was also a swap. Guess which on I am talking about from this next picture:
Well you might not be able to tell...
But naming them from left to right might give you the answer!
OPI 'Shim-Merry Chic', OPI 'The One That Got Away', Clarins '230', Hard Candy 'Sky'.
Well? How about now? Yes, the famed Clarins 230, AKA Unicorn Pee. This is most likely the most wanted nail polish ever! I am currently experimenting with it, and once I am content, I will review it. It is definitely most disappointing that it is a discontinued color :(

OPI 'Shim-Merry Chic' is a limited edition color from a holiday collection. I bought this on eBay for about $8. This is a very interesting color. A bronzey shade that contains green and orange flakes. Very unique!

Next, I ended getting OPI 'The One That Got Away' which is from the Katy Perry collection. I already have the rest of the colors, and it caught my attention in a local beauty store. I just went for it and bought it.

Hard Candy 'Sky' is a most peculiar sky blue. I don't usually like sky blue nail polishes, but this is a very pale color, and it has a beautiful bright blue shimmer and sheen. By far the prettiest sky blue nail polish I have seen. At $4, I can't really complain either. Bought at my local Walmart.

If you want to see a review on any of these, please be sure to comment below. Thanks for reading!



  1. Oh nice haul!!!
    I want that mini duo fibre brush for my cheeks too! I wonder if crown ship international.

  2. Yeah, i really like the Bourjois foundation.. A review on it is on my to do list haha

  3. Great haul, Yami!!! Can you review them all? hehe. I'm really like the MAC "She Who Dares" shadow and the blush.

    These swamps sound fun too...I never really looked into the swaps at makeupalley but..I will now. :]


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