Saturday, March 19, 2011

Updated Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion [Professional Size]

Professional Size
Original size and packaging

 Hi Hi everyone. ^_^
I really wanted to do an updated review for Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I bought the one in the new packaging, which is called the 'Professional Size' since it is much bigger than the original version.
A looooong time ago, I posted a review of the UDPP, comparing it to the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which I absolutely hate.

Here is what the new packaging looks like
The packaging looks very similar to that of their face primers.
[I have a review on the face primer 'HERE']

I prefer this packaging, since it is more sanitary than the other one. Also, the product is easier to take out. And unlike the one in the tube, you won't waste a lot of product. The tube one tends to get product stuck on the sides of the tube, so it is impossible to get the product out unless you cut the tube open.
As you can see, you just squeeze the product out of the tube, and the opening is small so it is easy to control the amount you use.
Swatch. This is a a lot of product, but I squeezed out more than necessary to show you guys. This is way more than you would need.
As you can see, the product blends out nicely into the skin. 

As far as packaging goes, this is way more convenient. Sure, the other one is much cuter and unique, but I rather have something that is worth my money in terms of duration. I felt the one in the tube dried out much faster, and then there is the issue of hygiene with the sponge tip applicator of the one in the tube.
The product itself is exactly the same to me. It does not seem to work any better or any less. I have heard people say that this one does not work as well as the original version, but for me it is not the case.
Original:                 $18 for 0.34 oz
Professional Size:  $29 0.85 oz
So you get more than half the amount for $10 more. Its great for those who know they love this product and know you will be sticking to it. This has been by far my favorite eye primer, so for me it was a great deal.

Although this is a great primer, if I have on an intense eye makeup look it does not help the eyeshadows last a long time. This primer is for creasing rather than helping the colors stay on my eye.
[does that even make sense?]
In other words, when I apply this with an intense eye look, my eye shadows won't crease, but they are prone to fade through out the day and fall out a bit. So this is definitely a primer for creasing, rather than a primer that extends the wear of your eye shadows. [On my eyes anyways...]
If I want maximum color pay off and duration, I will first apply this and then top it off with MAC Painterly Paint Pot. I find that the combination works much better than if I were to use each product separately.
The Paint Pot makes the eye shadows "stick" to my eye, and the UDPP stops them from creasing.

I definitely love this better than the one in the tube. I believe they are making a new primer that is  $19 for 0.34 oz that come in a tube. So if you want to try this out, but do not want to shell out $29, you should try the new smaller versions [I believe they have all the colors available, the professional size is only available in the original color].

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: After having this for a couple months, I realized that this product is not meant for the average person. I used it everyday, but it dried up and the product became increasingly difficult to squeeze out. My friend had the same issue. I will not be repurchasing this. The smaller size should be fine, but I found a new love: the ELF Eyelid Primer. It works about the same and it only costs $1.


  1. Yup, I understand what you mean by lasting power vs creasing. Too bad this doesn't help with lasting! Boo...

    I have wanted to get Painterly Paint pot- its so raved about :D I would love to see a review on it too hehe <3

  2. great review nancy! i also use UDPP but i have it in its original packaging. =)

  3. Thanks for this! I had no idea that UD was coming out with their primer in a tube. The $29 does kinda scare me..but I do like this primer a lot and I think it'd be worth it.

  4. Never tried this primer (will at some point!) but I just had to tell you that your nailpolish is really gorgeous! :)


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