Sunday, March 13, 2011

Haul and Swatches: Hard Candy 03/9/11

Has anyone else being loving Hard Candy? I have been impressed by a lot of their recent products. If you guys have not checked out Hard Candy, seriously go to Wal Mart and go see for yourself. I wish Hard Candy sold products on their website though...

I purchased three things:
[From Right to Left]Nail polish in 'Beetle,' Fox in a Box Blush in 'Smooth Talker,'  lipgloss in 'Vanilla.'

Beetle Nail Polish:  very similar to MAC's 'Mean & Green.' It is a green/gold/pink duochrome. I have MAC 'Mean & Green' and although they are super similar there are some differences.'Beetle' is actually more pigmented than 'Mean & Green' and the glitter is more condensed. It is less glittery than 'M&G', so it is easier to remove. For $5, it was a good deal. If you wanted 'M&G', and you could not get it [it sold out rather quickly] this is a exactly the same, if not better.

Can you see how it changes color? I have it on my thumb nail, so you can sort of see the duochrome.

Next is the lipgloss. I was immediately drawn to this because of the awesome flaky looking glitter. The lipgloss itself is huge. It smells like vanilla. Yum.  This was $5 or $6, I cannot remember.

It was hard to capture the light reflecting flaky glitter in this. It is really beautiful. The flakes are purple and orange.

Last is the blush.

Isn't it cute?
It comes with a really crappy brush, but its cute.
This reminds me of a Benefit blush, the one that is also 4 colors.
Peach, lavender, light pink, and pink colors
This is the lightest blush out of all the Fox in a Box blushes. It is a really cute pink when you mix all the colors. You can also use each color separately if you wish. I tried to swatch this, but the colors are so light that they wont come up on my hand at all. It comes up on my cheeks, but on my hand it does not! WTF?
Anyways, if you like natural looking blushes or really light colored blushes, check this out. It was $6, so it is really affordable.


  1. The nail varnish looks so interesting.. The colour is so intense!

    I love the shades in the blush box. How weird that it doesn't come up on your hand? hmmm would have liked to see swatches :)

    Thanks for sharing babe!

  2. Love the nailpolish colour, it looks so good x

  3. Fox in a Box looks gorgeous! I should definitely try something from hard Candy, I feel like I'm missing out x

  4. Im not really sure how much the full size bottle retails for because I only have a sample size :D I would think it is very pricey because Shiseido skincare products are expensive here. :(

  5. Loving all three of these, especially that Beetle polish, I think I need that in my life.

    And the blush too, the pics remind me a bit of Benefit's Sugarbomb.

  6. @TGW
    Yes, I needed it too xD
    Ah thats the blush I was thinking about!


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