Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Tokidoki Mascaras

Hi beauties~
I am going to do a slightly rushed review of my Tokidoki mascaras.  The reason this will be rushed is because I have finals next week and I have a lot of studying to do, but I wanted to at least post something up.
So anyways, I have two of their mascaras, and these were my first purchase from the Tokidoki cosmetic line.

So here are the two mascaras. Like most of the Tokidoki products, they come in a plastic box with tons of cute pictures.
I have the blue one and the green one [Kind of obvious from the picture...but okay... ;D]
Close up of the drawings on the tube. As always super cute.
Here you can see the names of each mascara. 
The blue one is called 'Baby Rocker' and the green is 'Mad Rocker.'

You can see that the bristles are small and that they are the plastic bristles. 

~Great color pay off, much better than any other color mascara I have tried.
~Does not clump on my eyelashes

~Expensive for a mascara at $18 [Do not purchase if you are not planning on using it often, they are mascara, and they will go bad after a while]
~Best layered over anther mascara, since it does not give your lashes any volume.

I could not get a good picture to show you guys a swatches of these. If you are curious how they look on your eyelashes, either go to Sephora and try them out. I will try to get some good pictures and post them later.

Thanks for reading! Anyone else have finals so soon? I hate the quarter system!


  1. I say this again and again- adorable packaging!! I think the colour mascara I've tried was a blue one from a local brand a long time ago. Would like to see an EOTD with these :D

    Good luck in your finals!

  2. Interesting mascaras! I thought they were lip glosses at first LOL :p You should do an EOTD w/it. I've never experimented w/colored mascaras before :p


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