Monday, March 14, 2011

Swatches: Japanese Blushes

Happy Pi Day! [3.14159265] I liked this image I found online. Its funny because its true! My friend would not stop going on and on about Pi Day, so I thought I would mention it. :P

 On to other things...
I feel that I should once more send my condolences to all those who have been affected by the earthquake in Japan. I am after all showing Japanese brands, and these products came directly from Japan. I also have some friends over there. I don't believe I have mentioned this, but I am learning Japanese at the moment, and I have been for 2 years now. I had many tutors who came to study in California and ended going to UC Davis, but then went back to Japan after a year or a quarter. I hope none of them were affected or hurt, they were all really friendly, and caring people.

Anyways, I bought three blushes recently. I have been wanting a Canmake blush as well as the
Majolica Majorca limited edition blushes.So I ended up buying some.
I got two Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek blushes in OR302[the orange one] and PK301[the pink one] and
a Canmake Creme Cheek in 01.

Canmake Cream Cheek in 01. I had just used it with a brush, so that is why it looks like that.
It is a peachy pink color. It has very minimal glittery particles, but you can't really seen them.
The texture is super smooth, and it blends very easily onto your cheeks.
As for the staying power, it is okay. It is better to top this off with a powder blush.

OR302 and PK301, they come in a tin. Really creative.
They come with really cute puffs.
OR302 and PK301
If I am not mistaken, these are a part of Majolica Majorca's limited edition collection for spring. There was 4 colors, a really pink color and a highlighting shade. I choose these two, because they seemed more unique. I already own tons of pink colors, and I do not need another highlighter.
OR302: is an orange shade. Well, more apricot colored than orange.
PK301: is a light peachy pink. The reason I really wanted this is because the color is really similar to MAC 'Oh So Fair' Beauty Powder. I wanted to find something similar to it because I love it! But I don't like to travel with it because I am afraid I will lose it.
Both of these a satin finish. They have no shimmer, but not completely matte either. They have a slight sheen.
[Left to Right] Canmake, OR302, PK301

The Canmake cream blush is really pigmented and you can easily built it up, or sheer it out.
The PK301 is a great color to top of the Canmake one, or by itself it looks great too.
OR302 will be a great spring/summer color.

Have a delicious Pi Day!



  1. Omg, im so jealous! I've been wanting the majo majo LE blushes! Especially the apricot one! The swatches look good, especially the pigmentation of canmake! I remember not picking up the canmake blushes coz it had glitter in them, but maybe after application it isnt noticeable..
    How are the puffs that come with the blushes? Any good?

    And I hope the awful disaster in Japan will stop.. My thoughts are also with Japan :,(

  2. haha! I love the comic...and yes, happy pi day to u too :) woo hoo!

    and heart goes out to all the Japanese out there.


    follow me, please?

  3. In Aussie they aren't easily accessible or they are way expensive at the few Asian cosmetic stores.. Where did you purchase your Majo Majo blushes? I usually get them when I am in Asia (which is not often)..

  4. Happy Pi Day! :) These blushes are SO cute. The packaging is adorable and the blushes look really nice :D


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