Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cult Nails 'Time Traveler'

Hello lovely readers!
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it). Mine was okay, I didn't do much. I did go to visit my grandmother, who came from Mexico just recently. I love my grandma, she is just hilarious! I love to spend time with her, especially since unfortunately my other grandmother passed away about a year ago.  Anyways, besides that, all my time has been consumed by Skyrim. I am so addicted to that game.

I will start doing the swatches for the Cult Nails Super Powers Collection~ This is Time Traveler (Hello Doctor Who reference!) as well as Time Traveler with Clairvoyant on top. Enjoy :)

Time Traveler is a dark imperial blue with a creme/jelly finish.  Honestly, I thought the color was going to be a little brighter, and I am a little disappointed at how dark it turned out. But, I ended up loving how it looked on my nails, so I guess I am not all that sad.

Price and Availability
$10 on the Cult Nails website. I got the entire collection of 4 polishes for $30 during the pre-sale. I am not sure you can get it for $30 still, but you can check.

This polish applies like a creme, but it has a semi-jelly finish (super glossy). This polish is SUPER opaque (no pun intended), but it is a little bit on the thicker side. It isn't too think, and it is still applies nicely. I just wish it could be a tiny bit less thick, but overall I am very content with the formula.

*I have a base coat, and one thick coat of Time Traveler.

*With one coat of Claivoyant (aka Unicorn Puke) on top. I would advise using a good top coat over top, even though I didn't apply one.

 Doesn't it look similar to stained glass!???

 My camera freaked out because this polish is just so awesome!

*I will be doing a separate review on Clairvoyant.

I don't think Time Traveler is a "must-have" unless you don't own any color like it. I mostly bought it because of the name, and also because I bought the entire collection as a set. I do love this polish, but it is a very basic color and I am sure you can find something similar. I will say that the polish is unique in two ways, because 1) it is a jelly/creme hybrid that is very opaque and 2) for the opacity, it dries very fast.
So yeah, it isn't a must-have (unless you are a crazy nail polish fanatic like me) but it is really nice to have in your collection.

Rating: 9/10
Recommend? Any Doctor Who-nail polish lovers? If yes, then pick this up ;)
Repurchase? I don't think I would buy a back up of TT, Clairvoyant is another mater...

UPDATE: Removal is a little messy. It doesn't stain my nails, but when removing it, it will smudge around your nails.


  1. very pretty! i like it with sparkles! :)
    glad to hear that you were able to spend time with your family for Thanks giving dear. =)

  2. I have to agree that Time Traveler is rather a basic shade, but it looks fabulous with Clairvoyant!! It does remind me of stained glass!

  3. wow i love the dark blue polish but the glitter made it 10 times better... so pretty

  4. OMG, this is beautiful! I can't stop staring at it. Definitely need to check out Cult nails, thanks!

  5. What a pretty combination! That Clairvoyant is like the cherry on top. Love it!

  6. navy is my favorite solid polish for nails. I prefer it over black :)) this color is awesome!!!

  7. The colour is amazing ! and I'd love to have it just for the Dr Who referece =) !
    How do you keep your nails so long ? Mine always get all broken if I don't cut them all the time =(

    xxx Vee


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