Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Anne'

Hello everyone~ I hope you are all having a great day :)

Anne is described by RBL:
"Rumored to be a sorceress, Henry's second wife lends her short-lived name to this bewitching olive green with a pink-gold metallic iridescence. "
The color reminds me of a more sophisticated version of colors like MAC 'Mean and Green"and Hard Candy 'Beetle'.

Price and Availability

$18 on the Rescue Beauty Lounge website. This is limited edition. This was a gift from my dad, so no I did not purchase it.

I was very surprised and confused with this nail polish. The consistency is more watery than any other RBL polish I have tried before. I thought it was going to be sheer, but when I applied one coat, it wasn't sheer at all. One coat gives decent coverage, and two coats is completely opaque. Because of the thin formula it dries very fast. So you get opacity and a fast dry time. I am quite content, but I know some people will hate that the formula is thinner, although I did not have any problems applying it.

*Two coats of Anne

$18 is a very steep price (of course not as bad as the Chanel price of $25).  If you absolutely love the color, then I completely recommend this polish. The formula overall is really great and all of RBL polish have:
. No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
· No Formaldehyde
· No Formaldehyde Resin
· No Toluene
· No Animal Testing

 Rating: 9.5/10
Repurchase? Probably not. I like the color and formula, but this isn't my favorite RBL polish because the color doesn't suit me as well as some of my other RBLs. Never the less, it is a phenomenal polish and I can see why so many people voted to bring the color back.


  1. What an incredible, unique colour.

  2. that colour looks sooo pretty!!! love your nails too :)

  3. i love polishes with odd shimmers in them, so this would be right up my alley because it's unexpected :D gorgeous to me!

  4. The gold flecks are absolutely gorgeous :) Unexpected and totally festive!

  5. beautiful color!!! perfect for the holidays =D

  6. This is such a beautiful shade. It'll be suitable for everyday wear too, love it!

  7. The colour is stunning !

    xxx Vee

  8. The color is so pretty but it would look blah on me... I'd rather it be an enamel mirror or something

  9. Pretty! Really like this color since it's not too dark where the golden shimmers can't be seen.


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