Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Legend of Zelda Series: Nabooru

Nabooru is a character from Ocarina of Time. She is a Gerudo, the race of people who live in the desert and who follow the main antagonist, Ganondorf. Nabooru was the second in charge, therefore she was supposed to be one of the bad guys yet she actually opposed Ganondorf and tries to interfere with his plans. She helps Link along the way in his quest to defeat Ganondorf.
I chose her  because she actually wore makeup in the game. She usually had a pale lipstick and gold eyeshadow.And also, she was a badass!

*The picture below is fan art and not an actual image from the video game. I think this gives a better idea of what she wore and what she looked like. I based my look on the the colors of her character (pink, red, gold,brown, and black to darken the look) and also on her sharp facial features (which you can't really see in this picture).
Art by Wictorianart

Products Used
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
-Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette (Blackout, Junkshow, Tainted, MIA, Vanilla)
-Fyrinnae 'Purgatory' eyeshadow
-Dolly Wink liquid liner
-MUFE Aqua Eyes black liner (on the waterline)
-Yanqina mascara (kkcenterhk)
-ES A500 lashes (kkcenterhk)

*Yes, i colored my eyebrows red slightly, since Nabooru has red hair.

Just to make it clear, I will tell you where and what eyeshadows I applied:
-Apply a black matte (Blackout) on the outer V and above the crease
-Apply a shimmery crimson (purgatory) on the crease and blend into the black
-Apply a pink (I mixed Tainted and Junkshow) on the lid
-Apply a gold shade (Chased) on the inner corner of the eye
-Using a brown color (MIA) blend out the harsh edges of the black
-Apply a pale gold color (Vanilla) on the brow bone 
-On the lower lash line, apply Blackout as close to the lashline as possible
-Apply Purgatory right underneath the black on the lower lash line.

And then for fun I added a red diamond-like shape thing that was supposed to resemble the jewels she wears...but I didn't like it much. Oh well.
"I'm watching you..." Bwahaha.
Hope you enjoyed <3


  1. oh you did a great job girl, i love the first couple of pics ;-)

  2. I love this! the shades are so bold yet they work really well together.

  3. i like it soooo much....yeah, better without the red diamond, but i like that you tried it out, never know!

    what a stunning makeup are rocking these

  4. I love the pink and red in this! Very Nabooru!
    I'm really enjoying this Zelda series, all the looks have been so interesting and fun, great work Nancy!

  5. Ohmagawd I LOVE this <3 so gorgeous I wish I could ditch work and run home to try it <3

  6. @CottonCandyINK: Thanks hun :D

    @Hollie: Thanks~ Yeah it is a pretty bold look!

    @Socialitedreams: lol! I very much disliked the diamond but I feel I have to show something no matter how hard it fails. And thank you so much Vonnie!

  7. @Stacey:Thanks dear! I really appreciate the support~

    @Sarah S: Kyaa~ Thank you <3 You are too kind!

    @Ms. Glitz Glam: Thank you so much!

  8. You did such an amazing job creating this look! It looks very sexy and mysterious, just like the character. I prefer the look without the diamond too, but I think it's cool that you're willing to step outside the box and try new things :)

  9. Nabooru is definitely one of my favorite character, she is so fierce, sexy and original! I would love to see her in more games ):

  10. god i love this!!! i think the diamond is cute and fun :)) maybe just on one eye though hehe :))

  11. @Rinny: Thank you so much! I wish I could bring all of her character into a the look! :D

    @GABY: Seriously. I wish she would have been in another game as well. But so far, it does not seem likely.

    @Maryam: Thanks dear! I wish I had actually had some red jems that I could have stuck on my eye. That would have looked very cool.

  12. I'm not liking this one as much as your other looks but I'm impressed with your technique =) !!

    xxx Vee

  13. Wow I love your inspired look. Omg I am such a Legend of Zelda fan.... Gerudo Valley came on during the Orchestra and I immediately though of her ;)

  14. Nabooru was hot and so was this look. I actually really like the red jewel thing on the side of your eye. IT looks nifty! =D

  15. The drawing above is my drawing. If you are using my art, or anyones art, please give credit and link to my website please.
    - Wictorianart


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