Friday, November 4, 2011

Unicorn Puke Manicure?

Oh my god. I simply had to show you guys this post. It is the funniest thing ever.

I should explain that this is a manicure using Cult Nails "Unicorn Puke" nail polish, which was a limited edition batch of the upcoming "Clairvoyant" polish. This nail polish is part of the Cult Nails Super Powers collection, along with three other shades. One of the other colors is a dark blue jelly called "Time Traveler." Any Doctor Who fans in the house? Yup. A TARDIS colored polish...Ahhh, amazing.
(You can pre-order the collection HERE is you are interested).

"Unicorn Puke" is a purple jelly base with beautiful multi-colored flakes. It is such a gorgeous color. So this blogger made a mani playing up on the fact that the polish was called Unicorn Puke. Here is what she made:

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 This is soooo amazing. I <3333333333 it.
After seeing this, I checked out some of her other manis, and they are incredible. Definitely check out her blog if you want to see some really awesome nail art!
Helping out another California blogger! And she doesn't live far from me either!


  1. Wow, I need a pen I can draw such intricate nail art with! This is brilliant <3 XD So the blackened color with flecks is "unicorn puke?"

  2. That is definitely unique. I *needed* to see this... it's not often you see the words "unicorn", "puke", and "manicure" used together.

  3. haha omg thats so cool and its amazing how her strokes are so precise! i thought unicorn puke meant something very rainbow! i didnt imagine it to be literally a unicorn, puking haha LOL

    and yes. zero converse. facepalm

  4. @Sarah S.: It is applied over black, so it looks darker, but it is actually a bright purple base :D

    @JC: Haha, seriously! I have never used those three words in the same sentence before~

    @CottonCandyINK: ^_^

    @kumiko mae: Lol~ I know that is what I thought at first too. But not, it is actually throwing up!

  5. omg so cool!!! @.@ so talented >__<

  6. That is definitely the best manicure ever. Lol. I saw a picture of this polish days ago but way to give a mental picture, right??? I love it. This manicure alone is enough to make me want to purchase it bahahaha <3

  7. Ha ha Nancy! Thank you for sharing this on your blog. I got a kick out of making this mani. I took Unicorn Puke quite literally, as you can see. :)

  8. I love the unicorn :D
    I will definitely try it out as soon as I get nail art brushes :)

  9. I dodn't know about these Tardis and such polishes !!!!! I'm SO getting them =D

    This nail art is amazing ! I'm gonna check out her blog !!

    thanks for sharing =)

    xxx Vee

  10. OMG She is incredibly talented and patient! Thanks for the link to her blog!

  11. omgsh, she did amazing detailing on that unicorn!

  12. Right? She is super talented! I wish I had half of her talent and patience!

  13. Oh my! What talent. Definitely heading over there to follow!


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