Thursday, November 24, 2011

OOTD: Executively Sultry

The day that I cannot blog is a sad day indeed. I didn't post yesterday, and to me it feels like I haven't posted in forever. I can finally start to do the posts I promised you guys, since I have two days off for Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving by the way!). I will start with this OOTD featuring the lace dress from Karmaloop. This was a gift from my dad, which was a great surprise to me since he isn't very keen on presents and I didn't think he payed attention when I told him I wanted this dress.
You can find the dress HERE:

I call this "Executively Sultry" because on one hand it can look very nice and put together when worn under a jacket or blazer. If you take off the jacket/blazer, it will be a very sexy top/dress. I use this dress as a top as well because it is relatively really short!

Blazer: 'Material Girl' brand from Macy's
Dress: Karmaloop
Jeans/tights: 'Material Girl' brand from MAcy's
Flats: I bought them at Sears a long time ago

RBL 'Chinoise' polish anyone?
 Without the jacket and adding a belt:
And excuse

In conclusion, I really love this dress. It is short and a bit sheer, but you can definitely work with it to make it more wearable. I should mention that the back is pretty much completely sheer...hehe. I am not usually into the very revealing, sheer clothing, but I like that I could add a black cami underneath and make this totally appropriate. What do you guys think? Yeah I am not the best at fashion, but I try my best!


  1. That dress/top is really nice. I have same problems with dresses being way too short. I'm pretty tall so it's rare that a mini-dress is ever a decent length. i love to wear them as tops though, just like you have here.

    Really nice outfit!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

    Enter here if you like;

  2. That is a really gorgeous OOTD! The dress is really beautiful ^^

  3. very nice ensemble! it can perfect for work, party without the jacket! love it.

  4. Love the dress! It goes so well with your nail polish! :D

  5. i love it! the lace is sexy

  6. i love the dress! its so pretty. i like how you wore it with that belt, but i'm sure it's really pretty on its own too.

  7. WOW i luv the dress~~~i like the way you wear it both ways~~~but with the jacket is more wearable on a daily basis~~~great outfit~~~


  8. the dress is amazing :) I probably wouldnt wear it without really thick leggings or trousers thoe ! You look gorgeous in this :) !!!

    xxx Vee

  9. You look both sexy and cute! Loving the outfit!

  10. Wow, that is a sexy top/dress. (:

  11. yayyyy u did an ootd of this dresss!!! i love it, esp w the black pants. it looks so chic! so sweet of your dad to remember that you wanted this. i am always very scared when my dad picks out a gift for me w/o me giving him a guide hahahaha never know what he'll come up with!

  12. you have great taste hun! your outfit is really well put together and i absolutely adore your dress! <3

  13. What a pretty dress!!! I really love the black and red colors. :D Glad your dad listened and got this for you. A perfect match. ^^


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