Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tag: About Me

Hello ^_^ How are you all doing! Hope you had a great Friday!
I just got back from a basketball game, UC Davis VS Standford. We got our ass kicked by Standford unfortunately, but it was a really fun game! Everyone played great. I am not a huge basketball fan, but I thought it would be fun to go with my friends.

I saw this tag on Bows and Curtseys and I just had to do it :D I want you to get to know me better, so in turn ?I might get to know all of you better. I hope you guys will do this tag as well~

Vital Statistics:

-Name: Nancy
-Nicknames: Nanchii and Nanshii. Yeah pretty lame!
-Birthday: October 25th
-Place of Birth:woodland, California
-Zodiac Sign: Scorpio. I think this sign represents me well in many aspects. I can be very introverted and shy to speak openly. I can also be very stubborn.
-Male or Female: Female
-Occupation: Student


-Hair Color: Dark Brown
-Hair Length: Medium
-Eye color: Very, very dark brown. A lot of people have told me that they look almost black.
-Best Feature: That is hard to say! On my blog,  I get a lot of comments on my eye shape. This is kind of embarrassing, but my friends always tell me that they are jealous of my cleavage....LOL. They tell me if they could have anyone's cleavage, it would be mine. I am not sure if I should say "thank you" or just be creeped out!
-Height: 5'8 I believe. I am on the taller side I guess, but it seems everyone is taller than me now.
-Braces?:Nope. I wish I had though. 
-Glasses?:Yes~ ♥ I started wearing glasses when I was in 11th grade, and I usually only wear them when I go to class. I am near-sighted so I only need them to see far away. I love wearing glasses!
-Piercings:I only have two piercings: one on each ear.
-Tattoos: Yes, one on my left wrist. I got it not that long ago. It is the Galactic Empire insignia from Star Wars (basically the symbol for the dark side, very befitting, right?). I don't have a good picture of it since I am going to go get it retouched sometime soon. I am not looking forward to it though. Getting the tattoo didn't hurt, but it was sore for like a 5 days after getting it. You can kind of see it in the picture below, but it looks very dark and the angle my wrist was in didn't help much.

Right or Lefty?: Righty!

Your 'Firsts':

-First best friend: I moved schools three times in my childhood, so it was hard to have a best friend. My first best friend was this girl named Natalie when I was in 6th grade. We both loved Lord of the Rings and were obsessed with Orlando Bloom. She moved schools in 7th grade, although we still kept in touch for a while. But I haven't talked to her or seen her in years.

-First Award: 3rd grade. It was a spelling bee contest. I won first prize in my school and second prize in a competition between schools. It was very exciting!
-First Sport You Joined: Ehh...I never was keen on sports. I was more of a nerd in middle school and high school. I was in the chess club, does that count as a sport? Haha.

-First Real Vacation: I guess my "real" first vacation was going to Miami, Florida when I was in high school.

First Concert: Silverstein and Chiodos concert in San Francisco in 2008. It was around my birthday. I had wanted to go to concerts before that, but my mom would never let me go. Not until I found my super awesome best friends, who also love rock music :D
This is a pic from Silverstein's Wikipedia page. This is the concert I went to though, and I am somewhere in the front near the center. It is too dark to see though.

-Movie: Star Wars (duh), classic Disney movies, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth), Nightmare Before Christmas, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle.

-TV Show: Doctor Who, South Park, Dexter, True Blood, How I Met Your Mother, Invader Zim, Naruto, Its Always Sunny...

-Colors:Purple, Black, and Red. I dislike pink for the most part unless it is makeup or something Sanrio related.

-Song: You kidding. I could never choose ONE song. Crap. I love so many songs. One song I love to listen to is "A Letter from Janelle" by Chiodos and also "Heaven and Hell" by Black Sabbath.

-Candy:Oh thats tough! This isn't really candy, but it is a dessert or sweet. It is daifuku mochi. It is Mochi with different filling, but I love the ones with red beans inside. They are SOOOO good. I could just eat them forever.

-Restaurant: Shoki Ramen House (best ramen in the US!), Fuji sushi bar.

-Store: Sephora, Rite Aid, ehh this one book store in Japan Town, SF, and Forever 21 I guess.

-Book: That is difficult. Lord of the Rings is my favorite series of all time. 

-Magazine: AP (alternative press) and Game Informer. Yup, that is it. What a geek I am.

-Shoes:Converse all the way!
-Feeling:Tired. I want to be done with this quarter.
-Single or Taken: Single and loving it. Being in a relationship is great, but it can be stressful at times especially with school, work, family, and friends. I prefer having male friends as well, it is less complicated and I think it is a great time to go out and have fun. 
-Eating: Nothing~ Too late for eating!
-Listening To:"Rip it up" by Family Force 5.
-Thinking About: Video Games. More specifically, Skyrim. I want to play, but I am too tired.
-Wanting: To play Skyrim. Haha. I am obsessed! 

-Watching: Computer screen.
-Wearing: UCD sweatpants and a purple tank top with a dinosaur, rawr~
-Want Children?: Yeah, I guess. I think I would at least like to have two kinds in the future.
-Want to be Married: Maybe. It isn't a priority in life. If it happens, great. If not, then whatever.
-Careers in Mind: Translator or writer.
-Where do you want to live?:Japan, for sure. I love everything about Japan. 
Do You Believe In:
-God: Yes. 
-Miracles: No, not really.
-Love At First sight: Nope. I think love should be based on personality and character rather than looks.
-Ghosts:Kind of. I believe in spirits, and I have had a lot of "encounters," but I also believe that they can be explained logically. So I am on the fence about this one.
-Aliens: Definitely. Whether they are like Predator, Doctor Who, or  small, microscopic organisms, I believe that there is life on other planets. We cannot be alone in this vast universe.
 -Soul Mates:No. I think there will always be someone out there that is a better match for you than the person you are with.
If aliens were like the Doctor, then I hope they are real!

-Heaven: Yes, at least I hope there is a heaven or some sort of afterlife.
-Hell: I want to say no. But like I said for ghosts, i have had some pretty scary experiences. If Hell doesn't exist, I do believe that there is at least malevolent forces in this world.
-Kissing on The First Date: Sure. I don't rule out kissing, but I usually hold back on anything like that on a first date. My own personal preference.
-Yourself: I try my best to. If you can't believe in yourself, then who can you believe in?

Hope you guys do this so I can learn more about you all ^_^


  1. love your lip colour in the first photo. <3
    nice post. now, i know you a little bit more.. :)

  2. i want to try the Mochi for ages, can't still find any Mochi store here in PH .. enjoyed learning things about you! mmuaah!
    you're so pretty too!

  3. Thanks for letting us get to know you better Nanshii! haha
    I totally agree with your movie picks - I absolutely love Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, they're those movies that I can watch a million times and never get sick of!

  4. very interesting answers i had fun reading about you ;-)

  5. wow, very interesting to know about you..thanks

  6. I love tags like these. That's so cool you go to Davis! I grew up in Napa (my parents just moved to South Dakota a couple years ago though so only my sister lives there now) and know a bunch of people from high school who went there.
    I hope I didn't miss it somewhere, but what is your major?

  7. That was great =) I'm so doing it !! I love reading stuffs about other bloggers and see if we have stuffs in common ! The films I like are pretty similar to your ! ^^

    xxx Vee

  8. thanks so much for sharing this with us!! i really feel like i know you better :)) you're 5'8"--wow i'm jealous!!! i'm only 5'2" :(( and YES, I looove Mochi ice cream too, it is the beeeest :)))

  9. Lovely post!

    Emma x

  10. Done ! I just posted the tag on my blog =)

    xxx Vee

  11. Great post!! LOVE your coat! I also love Mochi ice cream!!<33

  12. very interesting post hun! :D i also love reading personal posts like this! :)


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