Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nails Inc The Donmar Collection

Are you ready to see one amazing flakie polish? Well, you better prepare yourself!
But of course I will show you the more boring color first and then you will see one amazing polish! But even before that, let's get to a boring review~

The Donmar Collection consists of two polishes: Chelsea and Donmar. Chelsea is a very dark and vampy burgundy and it reminds me a little of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark but with more red undertones. Donmar is a clear overglaze with orange and green flakes. It is similar to colors like Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, but this one has distinct green flakes and more orange flakes.

Price and Availability
$20 at Sephora. These colors are only available in duos as far as I know.

There is not much to say here. The formula of these is PERFECTION. Absolute and utter perfection. I am so impressed with these. They are my first nails inc polishes, and I am thinking of buying another duo because seriously...the application was flawless. The polishes are opaque in one coat! And Donmar has incredible coverage on the nail with just one coat. The colors are also really glossy, so much so that you don't even need a topcoat.

*Again, if you see bubbles in the polish, it is because my base coat dried with small bumps. And excuse my messy application, I was in a rush!
*I have on a basecoat, one coat of Chelsea, and one coat of Donmar. I am NOT wearing a topcoat.


 See the little bumps? It was that damn base coat D:<

With one coat of Donmar:

I LOVE Donmar so much! I wish it was sold separately...
But I also really like Chelsea because it is opaque enough and it dries fast.  I do not regret buying this at all, and I will be using Donmar a lot! I want to see how it will look over other colors :D

Rating: 10/10
Recommend? YES! If you are willing to spend that money on these two polishes. If you only want one color, I am not sure I would recommend it. It will be like spending $20 on one polish. There are some other great flakie polishes out there.
Repurchase? If Donmar was sold separately, I would repurchase it in a heartbeat. But I would not repurchase the duo since it is pricey. Instead, I would buy a different duo.


Which one is your favorite color? Would you splurge on this duo? Any recommendations for alternative flakie polishes?


  1. The nail combo is just awesome!!

  2. OMG, so pretty! That's too bad it's not sold separately, though.

  3. Flakies have my heart forever.

  4. OMFG. I LOOOVE THE FLAKES! I wish they sold Donmar seperately! Grrrr.

  5. I really wanted to buy all three of the sets they sell on Sephora's website, but I just couldn't pay $20 when all I really want is the flakie polish. I wonder when they will be sold by themselves? I almost bought one of the sets today (the blue flakie one... I can't remember the name) because I have my Sephora VIB 20% off code, but I decided to skip it because I was only buying gifts for other people.

  6. Ohh I need flakies in my life, amazing!

  7. Wow these nail polishes are just so fabulous!! :D

  8. oh those flakes look amazing on that color!

  9. Looks absolutely beautiful lady


  10. So pretty O_O !!! I'm sure it'd look perfect over a white polish for winter !!!!!!!!!!!! Hiii =D !

    xxx Vee

  11. wow, that flakie is sweeeeet! I'm afraid I'd get in a car accident from distracted driving if I wore this :-P

  12. absolutely amazing!!!! i really hope they decide to sell Donmar on it's own.

  13. omg i looooove!!! that combo is sick!!! i want long nails like yours :)

  14. Donmar looks so much like LPAD! I love this duo :)


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