Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update: Makeup Ban, Reviews, Looks, and The Legend of Zelda

Hello Darlings~ ♥

Just a little update for you guys.

Makeup Ban
Yes, it has come to this. I have been hauling a lot recently, and I really have to put a stop to it. I actually really don't have the money to be spending right now either, so that is another reason. Instead, I want to shop my stash and use products I don't use often. I also want to do a Project 20 Pan, which is currently in progress. I think this will be a great way to see what products I love, which ones I hate, and which I would repurchase. My goal is also to use some of my older makeup which will go bad (especially some MAC lippies). I can then B2M those MAC empties and get some new products :D
Hopefully this will go well. I don't want to go on a compete ban, and I want to set up a reward system for myself. There is this very cool thing going around, where you have a personal goal and a group goal for every week. If you are able to complete the goal for the week, you set aside $5 (or whatever amount you want) aside as a "makeup fund". I think I want to do this because it is a great way that you can still save money for makeup and buy makeup, but you have to meet a goal in order for that to happen. I will let you guys know if I decide to do this~
Also, I will have one or two haul posts since I purchased some things about a week ago.

Review and Looks
I have so many pending reviews and looks that it is hard for me to have a steady schedule for when I post review and looks. I have also received a lot of request to do more OOTD posts. But I will try my best to balance the types of posts I do! Please let me know what kinds of posts you want to see more often ^_^

The Legend of Zelda Series
Skywards Swords comes out this Sunday, November 20. I will keep doing this series until I feel like it is done with, and I will likely also do other inspired looks. I have highly enjoyed doing the few looks I have done. Now, my question to you is, what characters from The Legend of Zelda would you like me to do a look on? Naturally, I will be doing a Link look, and I already have Zelda #2 look on the way. I already am thinking of doing a look on Midna as well as a look inspired by the Zoras. So yeah, just let me know what character you want me to do a look on :D
Have a great week! I will be seeing more of you guys this week!


  1. I'm also going on a makeup ban till 2012 except when I run out of things such as skincare hehehehe. Goodluck to us doll! :)

  2. this is a great idea ;-)

  3. @sugar sugar: Thanks! Good luck to you as well :D Seems like a lot of people are going on makeup bans!

    @CottonCandyINK: ^_^

  4. Good luck with your makeup ban hun. Setting aside $5 seems like a great idea!

  5. ahhh i need to go on a ban too for sure! i think your reward system is a great idea. i am planning on going thru my older makeup too. you never know what little treasures u may have forgotten!

  6. I am also planning to do a project empty especially since i have a ton of products, some of which I hardly use! I am addicted right now to hauling lol, i need to control myself!

  7. I totally need to stop to but its so crazy, speaking of it have you heard of Skin Food before? Well, they just opened at the mall and I just can't stop so tomorrow I'm stopping by to check it out. I do need to start using the product that I just bought.

  8. Yeey i can't wait till the new zelda comes out! :)

  9. @PopBlush: Thanks dear!

    @ShinyPrettyThings: Haha, seems like a lot of people are doing mankeup bans right now!

    @Glitz Glam Budget: Hauling is addicting! But we def. need to control out urges.

  10. @Riya: Oh seriously? I have wanted to try Skin Food, but I don't have any shops by where I live. It is def. hard to stop hauling! I feel like I have spent so much money lately though :/

    @Lta: Yay!! Me either!~

  11. I give you my full support for your makeup ban Nancy!! I should probably stop buying makeup all together too, but I'm going take things slow with a blush ban first. The biggest motivation for me is that a lot of my blushes will expire before I even make a dent on them!

  12. I have hauled like a madwoman recently and I need to back off of it, too! Right now I have several things in a shopping basket from Clarins... and I'm resisting making the purchase will all my might, heh. I'm excited to see your Midna look <3

  13. Ok I HAVE to do it aswell !! I keep thinking "no more makeup!" but it doesnt work T__T !! I keep buying more and more and I don't use half of it !! I'm gona try it seriously this time and go through everything I already got !! Thanks for the inspiration =) !

    As for what posts I like to see on your blog, I don't really have a favourite ! I pretty much like all kind of posts =) I'm not such a difficult follower =D hehe !

    Hope you had a good weekend !

    xxx Vee

  14. I can't wait for Zelda, I keep watching the trailers and videos ahah! I'm such a geek ahah!


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