Friday, November 11, 2011

Eyecandy Lens Review: Neo Queen Gray

Happy Veterans Day! Hope you are all having a great Friday!

Today I will be review another pair of circle lenses, the Neo Queen Gray.

Keep reading for a full review!

Price and Availability
$29.40 on the Eyecandy Lens website.

These hve a superb blend of a light grey on the outside with a medium brown on the inside. This allows for a "transition" of color for those who have brown eyes. The grey has slight blue undertones, and from a distance your eyes will look like a beautiful icy grey. I LOVE the color!!! This is by far one of favorite lens colors ^_^

Comfort and Wear
The diameter of these is 14.2mm, and these are not super enlarging nor alien-looking. The size is far more natural and they only slightly enlarge the pupils. However, I found these too be a little too soft at first. They moved around in my eye slightly the first time I used them. That didn't happen after the first time, but it was quite annoying.
These were decently comfortable. I have told you before that I am still not completely accustomed to lenses, and all lenses are still a little uncomfortable for me. These were comfortable enough to when I wore them for 5 hours. Although, I will say that I typically only wear circle lenses for about 1-2 hours.

Please note that you should take precautions when wearing circle lenses. Make sure you follow the correct instructions on how to wear them and how to maintain them. Don't wear them for extended amounts of time either. It is preferable hat you consult your optometrist before wearing any lenses.

What's Good?
The color!! Oh my, I simply adore the color! The pattern of the lenses also add some interest to the eyes~ I think this color will be so great for fall/winter when it is cold and dreary outside. The lenses are comfortable enough to wear for an extended amount of time, although I advise against wearing them for too long. Also, the smaller diameter and the addition of brown to the center of the lens allows these to look far more natural than most circle lenses.
What's Bad?
They were soft at first, and they moved around in my eye a lot the first time I used them. Besides that, I can see that maybe if you already have colored eyes (especially green or blue), the color transition is kind of pointless since the color of your eyes will most likely peek through a little.

Lens without makeup:

 (Excuse the dark circles...I was wearing absolutely no makeup)
With both contact on
with only one contact one
 With Makeup:
*This is something I quickly did before I went out. I like wearing purple, charcoals or browns with these grey circle lenses. Since the lenses have brown in them, green eyeshadow would also look good.
*I also totally forgot to wear mascara...haha...oops.

My favorite thing about these lenses is without a doubt the color. I also love the fact that they are natural looking. I definitely want to try more colors from this series!

Rating: 9/10 (I had some issues when I first wore them)
Recommend? I would recommend these since they are not too big, and they will be great first-timers.
Repurchase? Once I have to throw this pair away, I would actually consider buying a pair with my own money because I just simply LOVE the color and pattern of these!

Use code "DARKBEAUTY" for a free  surprise gift with purchase  at :)

*These lenses were sent to me for review by Eyecandy Lens. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. they look so natural on you! i love this makeup look, too pretty

  2. They look lovely on you Nancy! I'll probably look like an alien if I wear these lol.

    p.s.- somebody beat me to the LMdB Splendid Frost!! nooooo!

  3. Wow, these are really natural-looking (for circle lenses, especially)! Pretty <3

  4. I didnt think grey to brown would work, but these are lovely! Especially with your makeup!

  5. those are the most flattering lenses that i've ever seen! they are absolutely perfect and i want a pair. wow, they are the best lenses i've seen

  6. So amazingly natural. What beautiful lenses. And I was really surprised when you said you forgot to wear mascara, you have such naturally long eyelashes!

  7. Wow, those are so beautiful. I have yet to venture into the ~mysterious~ world of circle lenses, but I am tempted by these. :)

    And jeez, you're not wearing mascara? Your eyelashes are soooo long - jealous!

  8. I really like the makeup ! and these look really natural on you =) pretty !!

    xxx Vee

  9. beautiful shade, you have done pretty makeup with this lens.

  10. love your eye make-up, as well as your eye-shape! so pretty really really pretty hun!

  11. wow the lens look great on you :)

  12. I love this eye make up! They are so gorgeous! too bad I'm not dare to wear contact lens~ =(

  13. i love how you do your eye makeup--contacts look great too:D

  14. Wow, these really do look natural!

  15. That color look great on you!!

  16. the color looks really natural on you dear. :) i almost couldn't tell that you have them on. =)

  17. Love the color! It really looks great on you.


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