Monday, July 2, 2012

June Favorites 2012

It's July! Where did this month go? I feel like I hardly put makeup on this moth, so I don't have many favorites. For the most part, my makeup has been very minimal: BB cream, mascara, and a lip tint. But here are some of the products I used the most this month ;)

1. Tokidoki Lip Stain Balm 'Skeletrina'
This magenta stain has been my go-to bright lip color this summer. I have used it so much this past month that it is almost the only lip color I have used. It is fantastic. If you like the Revlon Kissable lip stain balms, you will probably love this. I think it is actually much better quality than the Revlon ones, but there is only 4 colors. This is very moisturizing and pigmented. The stain is very beautiful and it never makes my lips look chapped.

2.Prestige My Biggest Lashes mascara
This is the most awesome mascara ever! It has become my favorite drugstore mascara and I even converted my friend to using this one (and she loves it too!). It very volumizing and it does not flake or clump. Best thing, it cost me $3 on sale (normally it is $6). What a bargain!

3. Revlon Precision Dark Lash Adhesive
The Revlon lash glue is my favorite lash glue ever, and I recently purchased the one that dries black. I love how well it looks on the lashes once it dries. It does not have that clumpy/dried glue look. It also makes my lashes stay put for hours!

4. Sugarpill 'Tako' eyeshadow
I can see why so many people love this eyeshadow. It is the best matte white I have ever used. It does not swatch well, but it works amazingly on the eye lids. I have used it in a lot of my looks, and I am simply in love with it. Who knew I could love a plain white eyeshadow so much?

These are basically my favorites for the month. Boring, I know! But like I said, I haven't worn much makeup. I was really caught up with finals, and now I just started a new job =3 Hope you enjoyed anyways! Thanks for reading!


  1. I want the toki doki lipstain balm!

  2. Skeletrina is very pretty! I can understand why it would become an easy go-to. ;)

  3. Do you prefer the Revlon glue to DUO?


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