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Review: Bijin Japanese Rice Bran Oil

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Maybe you knew this, or maybe you did not, but I am a huge admirer of the Japanese people, language, culture, music, literature, and more. I have studied Japanese for two years, read a lot of Japanese novels, I constantly listen to J-rock bands, and love to use Japanese beauty products, but I have never tried any Japanese skin care products. I received an opportunity to try a few skin care products thanks to WAWAZA, a "top worldwide supplier of eco-responsible Japanese lifestyle products" ( One of the products they sent to me was the Bijin Japanese Rice Bran Facial  & Body Oil.

I received a sample size to try out, which contains 5ml of product. This small amount, used twice daily and using more than I needed, lasted me about two weeks.

Here is some information that was included with the sample:

Price and Availability

$19.00 for a 30ml glass bottle.
This can be purchased on the WAWAZA website.

      Am I the only one who hesitates when it comes to putting an oil on your face? I don't know why, but it has always scared me. I really wanted to give this a try on my entire face since it claims to be non-comedogenic and it also says it helps to prevent acne. But at first I was too hesitant, so opted to apply this on my eye area, on my brow bone, and on my eczema. 
My skin is really crazy. I have combination skin (dry cheeks, slightly oily nose and forehead), dry patches along my jaw line, and acne-prone skin. I also have a very dry eye area, a few wrinkles under my eyes (because of the way my eye closes and opens), eczema on my arms, and a very sensitive and dry brown bone area. This oil has been a solution to many of these problems.
This is rice bran oil is unlike many oils I have ever tried. It is VERY light-weight and it absorbs very quickly. It is moisturizing without that very oily feeling. It has been AMAZING for my eye area. It has moisturized that area significantly without irritating my eyes. It has helped to get rid of the dry patches on my brow bone area (which I get from plucking my eye brows) and, oddly enough, I feel that it has helped to make my eye brows grow nicer (they grew in slower but healthier looking...I don't even know how to explain that one). The oil helps to moisturize the super dry eczema areas, although it doesn't really get rid of them. 

After a week of using this oil on my eye area and eczema, I become brave enough to use this one my entire face. What I did was to place 2-3 drops on my palm, and then gently pat it into my skin. So far, it has been really good. This has not made me break out and it moisturizes my entire face without making my oilier parts more oily. It also helps the dry patches and the healing blemishes. I am not sure how well this works to prevent acne, I will have to keep using this to see how it works. But I am really loving it as a night time moisturizer for my face. 

Last thing I wanted to mention is that this has been a life saver these past few days. I spent the night at my friend's house I did not want to bring a lot of stuff with my so I brought this and my cleanser. This was a fantastic one-step skin care product because I could apply it all over my face and under my eyes, and it also served as a makeup remover. Thus it is great in cases where you don't want to use or carry a lot of skin care products.

In summary:
-great to moisturize my eye area, my brow bone/eyebrow area, heals blemishes, and moisturize dry patches.
-it has been the best for my under eye area/wrinkles, and the dry patches caused my eyebrow plucking.
-it does not heal my eczema, just moisturizes it a little bit. 
-great for traveling/one step skin care product

Product in Action

Here is how a drop of the oil looks like on the back of my hand.

Then, blended in.


I have only been using this for two weeks, and I believe I need more time to get a more concrete review of this product. I will continue using it and create an updated review in a few weeks. So far though, I am really loving it. It has proved to be a fantastic, multi-tasking product. It is such a simple, 100% organic product that has does a lot more for my skin than most moisturizers.  

Rating: 10/10

*Product mentioned was provided by PR for consideration and review. I was not paid for this review and all opinions stated are my own.


  1. their art and language, I'd love to learn it

  2. I most admired about Japanese beauty products :

  3. I admire the independence and autonomy of its people and culture...and of course all the kawaii things there :)

  4. Their way of approaching beauty is probably the thing that I admire the most :)

  5. I admire their culture! I also admire them because they always aim perfection, like how products made in Japan are almost always the best ones you find in the market.

  6. I haven't had much luck with oils but this one looks interesting. Thanks for the review Nancy!

  7. How exciting! I have sensitive, acne-prone, oily skin and oils make me nervous, but apparently certain oils are good for your skin and don't cause breakouts. I'm glad you found one you like! Thanks for the giveaway, I'd love to try it!

  8. I love the culture and their cartoons/comics. My husband is obsessed and I am getting into it also!

  9. I have read before that using certain oils on your face will prevent breakouts. Using oil free products contain a 'fake' type of oil, so your face does not feel dry, therefore working overtime to produce oil and sebum , which in turn will cause an overload of both, hence a breakout. But this imposter oil actually creates the opposite effect and can cause worse acne. Our faces need a certain amount of oil to be moisturized. Moisture keeps skin from wrinkling and becoming old looking. I'm very interested in this product. I have terrible terrible acne. I edit it out of my pics because it can get pretty severe!

  10. I love the light hearted whimsical side of japan, all the cartoon/anime designs and of course adorable lolita girls! Oh also lets not forget the amazing food... Sushi and udon mmmmmmm

  11. This is a really unique product! I anxious to try it. Thanks for the giveaway! (I have one too currently if you want to check it out). I think what I admire most about Japan is their music and scenery.

  12. what a unique product! thanks for the giveaway! (im having one currently also if you want to check it out). I think I like Japanese music and their scenery most!

  13. I would say that what I like most about Japan (without ever being there) is all of the amzing skincare!

  14. This looks interesting, but I'm not sure it would help me. Just wanted to point out that the title of your post says "Brain Oil" so I was very confused for a bit!

  15. I love the culture of cosplay. The young generation on japan create any look that they want they so creative , and anybody who even dont do a cospaly respect what they done

  16. i admire the food! sushi, the artistry of their knife skills

  17. Their high-quality products and consistency :) It just shows how dedicated and precise they are!

  18. I love Japan's wackiness. They're food is also very yummy. They're very technologically advanced so they have the coolest gadgets. I'd really love to go their someday... perhaps I should learn a more (I speak the tiniest bit). Also... I do love the Japanese boys; so stylish and cute. XD

  19. i love japan cosmetics and skincare product :)

  20. I love their skincare products!

  21. I love how unique their culture is.

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  22. I love their confidence in their unique culture! So many people from around the world are so into Japanese culture even if they have no connections to it.

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  24. You can purchase a large bottle of rice bran oil from whole foods or another health grocery store in the asian food section. I paid $8 for my 33.8 oz bottle. So this product or a rip off for the price and quantity.


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