Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Rouge Bunny Rouge 'Sea of Showers' Highlighting Liquid

Greetings from the Dark Side!
Today I want to share with you the first Rouge Bunny Rouge product I have ever tried~
This is the Highlighting Liquid in Sea of Showers, a sun-kissed bronze shade.

Availability and Price 
You can find RBR here:

This is a really amazing quality product, so the price is a bit heftier at around $55+. The container has 30ml of product.


By far the most appealing aspect of RBR product is the packaging. This product is not only visualy appealing, it is also very well made. The bottle comes in a cylindrical container. This container is really nice, and functions much better than a paper box that is easily discarded. The container is pulled up to reveal a luxe glass bottle.

The bottle comes with a pump, which is fantastic. It makes it easy to dispense the product out.

Swatch and Product in Action!

One full pump on my skin (this would be too much for highlighting my face but if were to use it for your body it would be a good amount).

Slightly spread out. You can see how beautiful it looks. It has a metallic finish to it,

Completely rubbed into my skin. I am quite pale so you can see that this is a little too dark for me. I have to make sure to really blend it in so it can match my skin tone better.

Here I have the smallest amount of this blended onto my cheekbones. It can be subtle or much more intense depending on how much you apply. I like a more subtle look especially since this color is darker on my skin tone. I blend in the smallest amount with my fingers to get a nice sheen. 


I've tried a few liquid highlighters (MAC, LORAC, ELF) and this is definitely my favorite of them. This highlighter is more pigmented that the MAC Lustre Drops and it is easier to use on its own. But, it is so much easier to blend out than the LORAC highlighters. The LORAC ones are pigmented too, but they are thicker and they are hard to completely blend out for that nice subtle highlight. Sea of Showers is much darker than my skin tone, but it actually still blends in quite nicely. It does not look like a huge streak of bronze on my cheekbones. On the picture above, I had my makeup one for over 8 hours, and you can still see the sheen on the highlighter. Overall this is a really great product, not to mention the packaging is so pretty.
The major downside to this is the price. That is quite obvious. If you are a huge fanatic of highlighters and have no problem spending over $50 on a product, then it might be alright. But for most people this is a huge splurge. I can put into perspective that this has more product than the LORAC and MAC highlighters and both of them are $20+. This one is also a high end brand that is imported therefore you can be sure it is going to be more expensive. 
Because the RBR highlighter has more product, I won't hesitate to use it on my legs or arms for a nice bronze sheen. I also mix it in with my foundation to get a beautiful glow.

Rating: 8.5/10 
(-.5 for color match, -1 for price)

Regardless of my rating, this is the best liquid highlighter I have tried to date.

*Product shows were sent by the brand's PR for review and consideration. I was not paid for this review, and all opinions states are my own.

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  1. I've not heard of this company. I love the packaging. I think great packaging like that really boosts a great product. It makes a nice healthy glow on your cheeckbones!


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