Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review: More of Unbound Eden Comsetics

If you have not, you can see my other UEC review HERE.
 Hello Dark Siders! I am excited to show you another review for Unbound Eden Cosmetics.
Unbound Eden Cosmetics is "100% Vegan, cruelty free cosmetics! We hand-make lip sticks in small batches, four at a time, and every eye shadow is mixed by hand one order at a time! We maintain strict recipes for quality and only use minimal ingredients and all natural additives when necessary!" (UEC)

Price and Availability

Prices of full sized eyeshadows are $6-$8. 
The lip gloss (in a pot not tube) is $4.

Colors and Swatches
*Swatched over bare skin 

Tamriel Collection (Based on The Elder Scrolls games)

Dawnguard - matte, red-toned, dark brown. Dawnguard is a group of Vampire hunters (also the name of the latest Skyrim DLC).
Frost Salts- bright shimmering blue with blue sparkles. Frost Salts are an ingredient used in Alchemy to make potions. They come from the Frost Atronachs.
Moon Sugar- Palest pink with eye-catching duo-chrome sparkles. Moon Sugar is also an ingredient used in Alchemy to make potions. It is one of the ingredients of Skooma, an addictive narcotic in the Elder Scrolls world.

Other Collections

Tea Time- green-toned, shimmery light blue.
Cherry Frosting- medium, red-toned pink with a subtle sheen.

Poisoned Apple Lip Gloss- an orange-toned red with golden sparks.
(I will have an individual review of this lip gloss so you can see how it looks on my lips)


As you can see from the swatches, the colors are very nicely pigmented on their own without a primer or base. I appreciate that these shadow apply so smoothly and I don't really have to worry about fall out. Moon Sugar is an exception, it is very glittery and it gets a lot of shimmer when applying  it. But it is so worth it. It looks amazing on the eyes! Danwguard is an amazing matte shade. It is so rich in color! Frost Salts is another color that surprised me; it is so beautiful and easily to use. I am in love with the three colors that I purchased from the Tamriel collection!
I also purchased two more colors from other collections. I've been on the hunt for a neutral toned pink so I purchased Cherry Frosting. It didn't end up being as neutral as I thought, but I don't have another pink like it. It is darker and redder than any pinks I own. It is quite a wonderful color. Tea Time, on the other hand, is the only color I was slightly disappointed in. Don't get me wrong, it is a great eyeshadow, but it just was not what I was looking for. Either ways, it is a pretty color and it applies fantastically like all the other shades.
I highly recommend UEC eyeshadows, they are amazing. Laura, the owner, is so sweet and helpful. The only thing that has stopped me from purchasing more UEC is the prizes. They are not expensive, but they are a bit pricier than most of the other Indie brands I purchase. Because of that I will tend to wait for a sale. And since I did buy these products on sale, I am very happy. But, I think if you are looking for a really good quality vegan and cruelty free brand with a sweet and honest owner, you definitely need to check UEC out.

Rating: 9/10


  1. I have all of those colors and have to say my fav is probably Frost Salts out of all of them. It is delicious! I love pairing it with Moon Sugar. Your swatch of Cherry Frosting is scrumptious. That one makes an amazing blush. Can't wait to see what other looks you create with these. It's so funny, I find myself now when I'm getting ready in the morning what would Nancy do with these colors? lol! You inspire me girlfriend!

    1. Frost Salts is definitely my favorite too.
      I will most definitely try CF as a blush!!
      Hehe thank you <3

  2. Frost Salts and Moon Sugar are sooo gorgeous!! I have never heard of this brand before, but I will be looking into it ASAP. That lipgloss is also beautiful!!

    1. I knoooow! Yes, check them out! You would do amazing things with these eyeshadows.

  3. Replies
    1. :D I know! It was love at first sight for me~

  4. i checked out this company after seeing u review them. the colors are amagahd amazing, but the prices are WAY too high. it hurts me. i was like SO pretty...OMG that's expensive! i buy indie cuz its awesome and cheap. if i wanted to pay that, i'd buy sum Urban Decay or sumthin, i'm not rich! but yeah definitely will drool over it in the meantime and maybe order wen they have a sale. cuz those prices got my wallet saying OUCH! lol :/

    1. I know. I am doing the same in sticking to sales. The products are very good quality though. It was worth it for me :)

  5. Moon Sugar looks amazing! It's SOO glittery and shimmery! And the gloss is so pretty, I love how it glistens in the first photo swatch!

  6. Cherry frosting is the prettiset colour of the set in my opinion !! Makes me think of ice cream !

    xxx Vee


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