Sunday, August 5, 2012

Empties #3

I want to make this quick because I have so many crazy things to do right now D:< But I don't want to get super behind so I might as well show you all what I used up last month :)
I wanted to note that I am working on getting the prizes for my 1000 follower giveaway! Expect that sometime soon~

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Shampoo and Conditioner
I recently received a sample of these in the Influenster Summer Vox Box and I fell in love with them! Right after I finished these samples, I went to Rite Aid and purchased the full size. I haven't loved a shampoo and conditioner in a long time, and so far this duo has been wonderful to my hair!

Korres Lip Butter 'Jasmine'
I finished this finally! I honestly don't really like this. It smells really good and it feels nice, but it actually made my lips even more chapped. It also makes my lips look white and weird. I will not repurchase and I am glad this is out of my collection. I think a different color that suited me better would have been a lot nicer although I still don't think these will do much for my super chapped lips.

Tokidoki Colored Mascaras
I love these babies, but I have ad them for too long and they need to be thrown away. I want to keep them just because they look so cute! But I will be tempted to use them. That would not be very good for my eyes. Even a beauty blogger and makeup collector like me knows when something needs to be discarded.

 Benefit Erase Paste and Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer
These are two really awesome concealers. Right now I am using the MAC Studio Finish concealer which I don't really like, but I want to use up. The Erase paste is a great undereye concealer and it is thick and high coverage without being cakey. The Kat Von D one is thinner and also has a fabulous coverage. I like that one for acne and acne scarring. I will think about repurchasing one of these after I finish my MAC one.

Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper (Primer)
I have a few of these Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper samples that I received when ever I made an order. I finished one last month and it actually lasted me a pretty long time! I really love this primer. It is so much better than the UDPP and my ELF Eyelid Primer. I am very reluctant to buy a full size though. I am going to stick to my samples and I will probably go back to my $1 ELF primer.

Bioderma 500ml Bottle
(I have no picture of this; I threw it away)
I also finished my first 500ml bottle of the Bioderma Crealine H2O. This stuff is amazing! HG status! I can't be without it any more. I purchased a second 500ml bottle!
I use it every night to remove my foundation. It is so much better than makeup removing wiped and much better than doing the double cleanse method. If you wear foundation/bb cream/powder/tinted moisturizer very often like me, then I highly recommend this!

So that is all~ I am trying harder to get use out of ALL my makeup this month. I have made it a personal challenge to use different products/ products I haven't used in a while. I hope to have some more empties for this month :)

Thank you for reading ♥


  1. Awesome empties! I love Bioderma as well, such an amazing product <3 I like the sound of those concealers,too. I use the Korres Jasmine at night as a treatment and I like it, it is quite a pale milky colour but I think the others are meant for day and I see this one as being perfect for before bed.

  2. Great empties! I love the Korres lip balms, and Erase Paste!

    Sharleena xx

  3. I can't believe how long my first bottle of the bioderma is lasting, too! It'll still be a couple of months until I finish it, I think :)

  4. Ahh I'd so keep these Tokidoki ones just because I love the brand :D But that'd be taking up space in my drawers so maybe it's best I don't own them :p haha

    xxx Vee

  5. I'm still using my Korres Jasmine lipbalm still, since I have it in tub and tube form! I love it but I like Majolica Majorca's Majex lipbalm better. I do agree the color is really light, even on myself (I'm NW30 but I think I tanned a bit, maybe closer to NW35 now?). I'm really curious about the Kat Von D concealer so I'll check it out next time I'm at Sephora!

  6. Korres have some great colors! i guess jasmin will make you look like a dead!!! you should try wild rose or plum!

  7. The tokidokis are so cute! More cosmetics should have adorable packaging... (:

  8. I'm really curious about The Erase paste-benefit. Maybe Ill buy it next time I go to Sephora ;)


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