Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Lipstick Compendium: Unbound Eden Cosmetics 'Fairy Folk' and 'Damsel'

Greetings from the Dark Side! :D
More Unbound Eden Cosmetics reviews! This time I have the new reformulated lipsticks~ These are my first indie lipsticks and I was so excited to try these out!

I purchased two shades: Fairy Folk and Damsel lipsticks. Here is the packaging:

Price and Availability

$14 per lipstick. You can occasionally find sales ( I got mine during a 20% off sale!)

Colors and Swatches

Fairy Folk: a neutral mauve/purple-toned pink.
Damsel: a very peachy nude.

 Products in Action!

Fairy Folk:


Damsel with Lime Crime My Beautiful Rocket Lipstick in the center:


 These are the first Indie lipsticks I have tried and I am loving them so far!
-Individually hand-made, 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
-Fairy Folk smells AMAZING! Like a vanilla/white chocolate smell. Yum!
- Both lipsticks glide on smoothly.
-They are pigmented in just 1-2 swipes.
-They are VERY comparable to MAC lipsticks in formula, Fairy Folk is even better.
-Lasting time is about 3-5 hours.
-Fairy Folk suits my skin tone so well! It is neutral enough for every day wear.
(it is now one of my absolute favorite lipsticks!)

-Not the cheapest lipsticks; about the same price as MAC lippies.
-Damsel is not the best looking color on my skin-tone and it can be a bit drying.

If you want to support small businesses, you want vegan/cruelty-free makeup, then I HIGHLY suggest you check these out. I am a fan of MAC lipsticks and I think these are really comparable! I really hope Laura makes more shades because these are simply wonderful!

Fairy Folk: 10/10
Damsel:  8/10



  1. I like the nude colour!

  2. Fairy Folk indeed looks amazing! :D I'm so envious because you guys in the US get to try out so many fun and amazing indie makeup labels. :3

    1. They ship internationally too :D

  3. I'm not sure if I'll buy these for the price, but they appear pretty well on you!

  4. I really like the mauvey one on you :) So pretty!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I really like purple-y colors~


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