Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Eccentric Cosmetics

Hello Dark Siders!

I feature indie cosmetics pretty often on my blog, and I am in love with the affordability and awesome products of indie brands. So I have another brand to share with you all today: Eccentric Cosmetics. This is the first time I have tried this brand, and I have been using them quite often for the past two weeks or so. I think it is about time I share my thoughts, swatches, and looks.

This is an Australia based indie brand, just in case you were wondering :) Great for all of you who live in Australia! 

Price and Availability

*I received these eyeshadow samples for review purposes

$5 AUD per eyeshadow or $10 AUD for 10 eyeshadow samples. 
You can see all the products on the Eccentric Cosmetics Etsy store.  


Here are swatches of the colors that were sent to me:

Favorites: Mischievous Punk, False Astronomy, Cloudsufer, Nomad, Urban Grafiti, and Victorian Steampunk.

Products in Action

Here are three looks that I made using these eyeshadows. I made various more looks, but I did not take pictures of them unfortunately. 

Using Urban Graffiti and Munchies. I will have a separate post for this look.

Using Dreamfactory and other Wet n Wild eyeshadows.
Using Mischievous Punk, Peachy, and Divine Innocence. I will have a separate post of this look.

Firstly, I have to say I was very impressed with  the complexity of these shades. They are very interesting shades, and each has its own personality. The colors can look different depending on what colors you pair them with. These eyeshadows will never look dull, plain, or one-dimensional. That, I think, is my favorite aspect of the Eccentric Cosmetic eyeshadows. And it is a feat that is very worth mentioning. 

The eyeshadows for the most part are pigmented, and you could use them on their own without a base. I don't recommend it though. I highly advise you use a primer or some type of base to hold the shadow in place. This will prevent fallout and you will also get a better pigmentation from the eyeshadows. 
The colors I had the biggest problem with were Dreamfactory and Trickster. They were the only eyeshadows I had to work with more in order to build up the color. They also tended to blend out a little too much for my liking (as you can see in the second look from Products in Action). All the other eyeshadows were perfect though. They were pigmented, smooth, easy to blend, and had little to no fallout.

Overall, I am extremely content with all of the eyeshadows. There was a couple colors that I was not content with, but that does not change my opinion about the brand as a whole. With so many cosmetics brands out there, I am very happy to have been able to try a another fantastic indie brand!I will definitely be using these eyeshadows in my future looks! 

If there is a particular color you are interested in and you want me to make a look using it, please let me know in the comment section!

Rating: 9/10

*Products shown were sent to me by Eccentric Cosmetics for review. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. Gorgeous looks and I adore these colors! Too bad they are Aussie, how long did it take to get your package?

    1. I have no clue xD
      But shipping from AU to California has been about 1-2 weeks in the past. So maybe somewhere around there.

  2. Wow there are some gorgeous duochromes!

  3. These colours seem fantastic !! Not the shades I see everywhere else ! Love it.

    xxx Vee

  4. Nomad, Urban Graffiti and Victorian Steampunk impress me the most from your swatches, I'm getting into darker eye shadows so may just pop over to place an order soon!

  5. Gorgeous shades and I love the looks you created with them!

  6. False astronomy looks right up my street. I love the looks you made :)

  7. Beautiful looks Nancy! :) I loooove Urban Graffiti & Peachy, soo pretty!


  8. omg the shades are so shimmery and pigmented!! the second (middle) look is my favorite, I just love the subtlety of it!!!


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