Friday, August 17, 2012

FOTD: Mischievous Punk

Welcome to the Dark Side :) I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday night! I am being totally lazy just watching South Park and having some good laughs!

As I said in my Eccentric Cosmetics review, I wanted to do a separate post for two of the looks I made. One of the looks is a very easy burgundy/smokey purple look. It is very "punk", but still has a little bit of girly-ness and softness. Let me know what you think of it!

Products Used

-Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow 'Fierce and Tangy' and 'Painted Purple'
-Eccentric Cosmetics Eyeshadows in 'Divine Innocence', 'Peachy', and 'Mischievous Punk'
-Wet n Wild Knock on Wood Trio
-Urban Decay 24/7 'Perversion' Pencil Eyeliner
-Urban Decay 24/7 'Perversion' Liquid Eyeliner
-Prestige My Longest Lashes Mascara
-Ardell Demi Lashes
Face & Lips
-Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation #1.0
-Illamasqua Cream Pigment 'Androgen' (as a blush)
-MAC 'Whisper of Gilt' Highlighter
-Revlon 'Peach Parfait' Lip Butter

Mischievous Punk Look

-I used the Maybelline Color Tattoos as color bases. I used 'Fierce & Tangy' in the inner corner and 'Painted Purple' on the rest of the lid and lower lash line.
-I applied a mix of 'Divine Innocence' and 'Peachy' (in order to create a shimmery, light peachy color) on the inner corner.
-Apply 'Mischievous Punk' ,a red/purple color with gold sheen, on the entire lid and the lower lash line. Pack the color on.
-Use a neutral mauve color (I used the highlight shade of the Wet n Wild Knock on Wood trio) and use it on the crease to blend.
-Then, just apply eyeliner, mascara and lashes.

Thank you so much for reading ♥ 
I am truly blessed to have all of you!
See you next time!


  1. I'm really jealous of your makeup skills :) this is so pretty!

    1. Haha thanks! I am sure you have the same skills, just need a little practice!

  2. This is so pretty Nancy! I love how it's punky but slightly feminine! :)

  3. Very pretty, perfect for going to a bar imho

    1. Yeah! Totally a good look for going out.

  4. I love the shade combo here, so pretty! But then again, all of your looks are gorgeous! ;)

    1. You are too sweet Stacey. Thank you!

  5. gorgeous look mi amor, you look so demure and sexy in the last pic :))

  6. :o -runs to check out Eccentric Cosmetics-!
    This reminds me of a lighter version of darling girls london calling which I adoreee!!! A fabulous look as always!

  7. What a gorgeous colour! As always, the way you've applied is awesome!


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