Saturday, November 24, 2012

Haul: Sephora VIB Sale

Hello everyone~

Every year I look forward to the Sephora VIB 20% off sale. I wasn't expecting to buy anything this year, but I received a gift card to Sephora for my 21st birthday this year so I took advantage of that :)
I didn't go too crazy, but I did pick up a couple of things.

1. Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Pure Opal
I am sad to see that Tarina Tarantino is being taken off Sephora. I liked the products and I thought the packaging was so cute. I took advantage of this sale to pick up one last product from the line. This is a sparkly dust in an opal white color. I am  not sure how I will use this yet, but it is really pretty!

2. OCC Lip Tars in 'Starling' and 'Beta'
I FINALLY am trying out some OCC Lip Tars! I've been wanting to try them for a long time now, but I just now actually bought some. I really wanted to try 'Black Dahlia' but it was sold out. These two colors were my next choices.  And I can say that with just trying them once that I am HOOKED! These really are amazing.
Beta looks much more red in the photo than it actually is.

3. Clarisonic Replacement Brush
You might be confused as to why I would have purchased this. And it would make more sense if I had ever mentioned that I purchased the Clarisonic about a month ago. I will go into more detail on this in an updated Skin Care post. I thought I would take advantage of the sale to buy a brush that will eventually need.

4. Illamasqua Mystery Selection Box
This was a really interesting find during the 20% sale. I was super excited about this because I LOVE Illamasqua! I was also nervous since I didn't want to get any repeat products. But 10 full size products for $60 (and with the 20% off), it was too good to miss. I was actually very happy with the products I received. I only got one repeat (which I will just giveaway in the near future), but everything else was new to me.  I will have a separate post for this box~

Yup that is all I got. But of course, yesterday was Black Friday! I can guarantee that you will be seeing some upcoming hauls! xD

Thanks for reading ♥


  1. Great haul! Love the product range you got in the Illamasqua Mystery Box!
    Such great value.

    Sharleena xx

  2. I have yet got to try out Illamasqua, well buy something at least since I have swatched their products before in store. If you could recommend a must have product from Illamasqua what would it be? :D

    1. That is a tough question! I guess I'd say the Cream Pigments because they are the most practical and you can get the most use out of them since you can use them for really anything you want!

  3. Love your Illamasqua products, great purchase =)

  4. Wow, I am so jealous! You got some great stuff Nancy :) That Illamasqua box looks amazing!

  5. awesome haul!! the lip tars look soo beautiful!

  6. I can't wait to see your post about the Illamasqua box! :D

  7. I'd love to see a review or look done with Pure Opal. I couldn't resist the deal with the Illamasqua set so I grabbed a box too! Looks like you got some nice shades in there.


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