Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm

Do you remember my first impression for this product? If not you can check it out HERE.

That first impression was over a month ago, and I have finally have a solid opinion about this supposed pore-perfecting balm.

Price and Availability 
$29.99 for a 20ml jar or $7.99 for a 5ml jar. You can find these at

This, like most of Lioele products, has really cute packaging.
The pink jar comes in a pink box :D So cute!

The jar itself is not too heavy or too bulky. It is not the most convenient for traveling, but it is just perfect to keep on your dresser/vanity. 

The balm inside the jar is white as you can see below. The jar's opening gives you enough room to take product out of the jar with ease. 

Product in Action

When you scoop out the product, it still remains white. But don't worry! The product blends out clear.

 This product claims to: "Pressed balm primer with great coverage of enlarged pore, lines, or skin imperfections. Specialized in sebum control."

Right off the bat I can say that this did absolutely nothing for me. It feels nice, smells nice, and it doesn't break me out. But, it does not really help to blur my pores or to prime my skin at all. Sometimes, I see a small difference in my pores when I put this on under my BB cream, but not all the time. And if I do see a small reduction in the size of my pores when I apply this, it only lasts a few hours before my pores go back to their normal state. It didn't really help with oil control for me or much of anything else. I guess I am pretty neutral towards this product since it did not do anything bad to my skin, but it also did not do anything particularly good to it either. The one thing I did like about this product is how smooth it made my skin feel. It is similar in texture to silicone primers (and I think this does have silicones in it) so it will give your skin a super smooth finish. I am actually surprised this didn't break me out! Anything with silicones usually makes me break out.

 If you are curious about this product, I would recommend that you try the 5ml version to try out first. It would save you money if you don't end up liking it. If you have much oilier skin than me I actually would recommend this. The fact that this did not break me out surprised me, and I am curious to see how people with sensitive skin would like this.

Rating: 6/10
 (-2 for lack of pore-reduction, -1.5 for lack of oil control, -.5 for price)

You can find this on and 
you can get 15% off your entire order with the coupon code "darksideofbeauty".
*Product shown were sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. the jar is pretty... it's too bad the product doesn't work well

  2. actually i really like this product ><

    1. That's great! It is definitely not a bad product!


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