Sunday, February 2, 2014

Indie Makeup Haul: Victorian Disco Cosmetics and Brija Cosmetics

Greetings darlings!
I have tried my best to keep hauling to a minimum, but I was tempted by some pretty new indie makeup! Here is what I bought, along with some swatches of everything :D If you have any questions about the products I am showing, please let me know in the comment section!

1. Victorian Disco Cosmetics January Subscription

VDC started 2014 by introducing the monthly subscription, and since VDC is one of my favorite indie brands, I had to get this subscription (I got the 3 month sub). The January subscription came with two full size eyeshadows: 'Resolutions I Won't Keep' (the Color of the Month) and  'Unacceptable' (a color from their most recent Adventure Time themed collection). There are also three samples: 'Oh My Glob.' (another shade from the Adventure Time collection), 'Dragon Flame' blush, and 'Daedra' lip gloss. 'Daedra' and 'Dragon Flame' are two sneak peek previews of an upcoming Skyrim collection! How awesome is that?!
You can't get the January one any more but there is a subscription for February~

Wearing VDC 'Daedra' lipgloss and Brija Cosmetics 'Stolen Luxury'

2. Brija Cosmetics PowerPuff Girls and Disney Villains Collection Items

I had the opportunity to try out Brija Cosmetics a few months back, and since then I have kept an eye out on their products. About two weeks ago, I finally took the plunge and ordered a few products to try out. I ordered two products from the Powerpuff Girls collection ('Sedusa' lip pencil and 'Wide Eyed eye pencil) and two from the most recent Disney Villains collection ('Glittering Assemblage' cream eyeshadow and 'Stolen Luxury' cream stick highlighter). My order also came with two samples and a lovely business card~




  1. wow, victorian disco color looks very pretty.
    The color looks very pigmented and bright :)

  2. Richard Simmons is on the Resolutions I Won't Keep I'm guessing? That is hilarious!

  3. woah, these are interesting and the pigmentation of those Victorian Disco Colors are no joke!
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  4. those shadows look AMAZING! I also love the look of that highlighter :) I guess it's time I try out some indie brands!

    1. Yeeeees! There are some really great indie products out there :D


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