Saturday, February 15, 2014

Disney Series: Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

"The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam"

I am excited and also very hesitant to show you my Princess Aurora inspired look. Aurora is one of my favorite princesses and Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney films, but I found this look to be super difficult! I tried to do this look three times and I disliked the result each time. This was the one I liked the most, but I am not extremely happy with it. I hope you all like it better than me ^_^

                                                                                          Products Used                                                                                 

- Mon Ennui 'Paper Hearts' Eyeshadow
- Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'Chibiusa' eyeshadow
- Sugarpill Electrocute 'Love Buzz' eyeshadow
-Unbound Eden Cosmetics 'Moon Sugar' eyeshadow
- Wet n Wild MegaLiner 'Indigo Blue'
L'oreal Voluminous mascara
- Ardell lashes

Face & Lips 
- Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream
- MAC 'Briar Rose' Beauty Powder
- Brija Cosmetics 'Stole Luxury' Cream Stick Highlighter
- By Terry Or de Rose Baum 


1. On a primed lid, apply a light pastel pink all over the lid. I used Mon Ennui Cosmetics 'Paper Hearts' eyeshadow.

2. With a pencil brush, apply a bright pink on the outer V. Here, I used Sugarpill Electrocute in 'Love Buzz' (which is actually a bit brighter in person!).

3. With a clean brush, apply a light shimmery pink on the inner corner. I used Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'Chibiusa' eyeshadow.
4. With a flat brush, apply a shimmery light pink right on the center of the lid. I used the Unbound Eden Cosmetics eyeshadow in 'Moon Sugar' (unfortunately this indie company is no longer in business).

5. To honor Aurora's blue dress, apply a bright blue liquid eyeliner on the lash line. I used Wet n Wild's MegaLine in 'Indigo Blue'.

6. Apply mascara and lashes.

7. Use a pink-toned white on the waterline. I used Brija Cosmetics 'Wide Eyed' eyeliner

                                                                               Finished Look                                                             

Thank you for reading! Have a magical day!


  1. pretty!!! did you add the blue on the lashes too? such a cool and unique way to jazz up lashes!

    1. Thanks!
      Haha, it is actually the blue eyeliner! Completely accidental, but I sort of like the effect it gave the lashes :D

  2. So beautiful inspiration!
    Ilove the colors and this lovely makeup!
    Have a great sunday!

  3. So sweet and lovely like Aurora, can't wait to see "Maleficent"
    :) ciao!

    1. Ya hice Maleficent :)

  4. I love it! It's so soft and pretty :) I'm excited for this whole series that you're doing!!

  5. Great job Nancy, love the pink and blue combo! You did the makeup beautifully <3

  6. How can you not be happy with this?! You are too harsh on yourself Nancy! ;P
    This is perfect, it's a beautiful reflection of Aurora!

    1. Thank you~ Your lovely comments make me feel better ;) I think I like Aurora so much that I feel like it has to be perfect!

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