Friday, January 25, 2013

Deboah Lippmann 'Ray of Light'

 Greetings from the Dark Side!

Today, I want to share the Deborah Lippmann polish in 'Ray of Light'. Ray of Light is a deep blue jelly with copper-colored flakes. The formula is a tad thick, but I have no problems applying this. Two coats results in a nice full coverage. Was this worth the whopping $18 price tag? For me, yes. The color is unique and it has a pretty decent formula. I have very few Lippmanns, and I am glad to have this in my collection.


  1. I love this one too (I have it on my toes right now!). The name is so fitting. The flakes give off such beautiful "ray[s] of light".

  2. So gorgeous! I really want this one :) x

  3. SO nice!! I really love jellies, and this glitter jelly is pretty ^_^


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